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The ENVE Air Pressure Station is an automatic digital inflator that helps to seat, and accurately inflate any tire to within a .5% of a psi or bar. The Air Pressure Station connects to your existing air compressor, or bottled air and mounts cleanly on any wall or surface for an instant upgrade to your garage, service shop, van, or trailer. The unit features a digital interface, three tire pressure presets, tubeless tire/flat tire override function for safe and efficient tubeless tire seating, and a mobile device scannable NFC tag that directs the user to ENVE’s latest tire pressure recommendation charts. Unit includes a 15 foot coiled air hose, fittings, and custom ENVE adjustable presta valve air chuck.

• Air compressor or bottled air
• Bottled air regulator (if using bottled air)
• Compressed air supply hose
• Air supply hose fittings
• Wall mount hardware

Air Pressure Station

Science and Insight
Features and Benefits
What’s in the Box
Q: A:
Is the unit serviceable? The ENVE Air Pressure Station is serviceable but requires it being returned to ENVE for repair work.
Will ENVE stock small parts for the air pressure station? ENVE will carry replacement Presta Air Valve Chucks.  Replacement air hose small parts such as hose fittings and fittings can be purchased at your local hardware or industrial supply retailer. If internal components are damaged, your unit will need to be returned to ENVE for repair and calibration.
What is NFC? NFC is Near Field Communication a form of short-range communication technology that enables devices to exchange information with other NFC-enabled devices. Most Android and iPhone mobile devices are NFC capable.
What do I do if my mobile device will not read the NFC tag or doesn’t have NFC capabilities? Go to your phone settings and ensure that you NFC reader is turned on.

iPhone X and newer models have NFC capabilities that are always available and there is no on/off setting.

If your device doesn’t have NFC capabilities, visit:

How much air pressure is needed to supply the inflation device for proper function? 120-140psi or 8.2 to 9.6bar
What if the Air Pressure Station fails to inflate or achieve my desired tire pressure? Your valve core may be clogged with sealant. Remove the core and either clean or replace you valve cores.

You might not have enough air pressure being supplied from the compressor or tank to the unit. Supply pressure at the regulator should be between 120-140 psi.

Certain valve stems and valve extenders are not compatible with the ENVE Presta Valve Air Chuck as the diameter of the valve stem or valve extender may be too large to allow the valve to be inserted into the air chuck properly. If you are in this situation, your options are:

1 ) Switch out your tubeless valve stems to ENVE tubeless valve stems

2 ) Switch out your valve extenders (ENVE Valve Extenders are NOT Compatible as the diameter is too large)

3 ) Swap out the air chuck to another model. Most air chucks or pump heads from a mid to high-end bicycle specific floor pump will work.

My air supply line does not attach to the unit’s supply fitting. There are two primary types of fittings. Industrial and Automotive. Each unit includes one of each. Automotive is installed, Industrial is supplied in the box. Swap the Automotive Inlet Fitting for the Industrial Inlet Fitting.

If the line attaches but leaks, it is likely that you have a rare “high-flow” female fitting and you will need to switch the fitting on your supply hose to a standard fitting. Standard Industrial or Automotive Female fittings can be purchased at your local hardware or industrial supply store.

What are the outlet hose dimensions if I need or want to replace it? The outlet air hose is 15ft w/ 5mm internal diameter and 8mm outer diameter.
Is the Air Pressure Station covered by Lifetime Incident Protection and what is the warranty? The ENVE Air Pressure Station is covered under ENVE’s 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty – This warranty covers manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover damage to internal components as a result of exceeding maximum operating pressure of 145psi, contaminants from dirty air supply lines, or damage caused to the device as a result of impacts or abuse. Warranty does cover malfunctions defined as non-functioning buttons, presets, or LCD displays.

The ENVE Air Pressure Station was developed with and made by American inflation experts Haltec. Taking their best in class inflation technology we proceeded to customize the unit to the needs of performance oriented cyclists. Tire pressure accuracy is the critical component to achieving your most confident ride. Finding the right pressure for your wheels is just the first step – but achieving a higher degree of accuracy than your typical floor pump is where your best ride can become realized. In a world where tire and rim volume has increased dramatically from road to mountain applications, a few psi can be the difference between riding in confidence, comfort, and control or not. Tubeless tire setup becomes easier as well with an inflation override button and function that provides three to five metered bursts of air to make seating tubeless tires simple and safe. Three programmable presets also provide quick access to your different bike’s and/or rider’s tire pressures.

• Accurate air pressure to within .5% of psi/bar
• Smartphone scannable NFC tag directs users to latest ENVE tire pressure charts and landing page
• Automatic hands-free inflation
• 3 x air pressure presets
• Tire pressure range between 3psi (.2bar) and 145psi (10bar)
• Compatible with an air compressor or bottled air
• Adjustable presta-valve air chuck with 15 foot coiled air hose
• International Protection Rating: IP66, provides complete weather protection (except submersions)
• May be hardwired and mounted to mobile service trucks, vans, and trailers

• Quick Start Guide
• Inflation unit with air supply inlet and outlet fittings
• Power cord
• 15ft. coiled output air hose
• ENVE x KCNC Adjustable Presta-Valve Air Chuck
• ¼”x ¼” NPT Automotive & Industrial Style Fittings
• Wall mount bracket and hardware to attach bracket to unit

• Air compressor or bottled air
• Bottled air regulator (if using bottled air)
• Compressed air supply hose
• Air supply hose fittings
• Wall mount hardware – is not included as there are too many surfaces and customized ways this unit can be mounted. Be sure to use the appropriate hardware and anchors for the surface you intend to mount the unit to.)

Product Specs

Unit Mounting Plate
Size 6” x 6” x 3.5” 7 ⅝” x 5 ¾”
Weight 4.27 lbs 1.83 lbs
Electrical 110V-120V ~ 50/60Hz 12W MAX
Hose 5mm ID and 8mm OD chuck with 15' coiled hose


Three Programmable Presets


Handsfree Automatic Inflation


NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag


Compact and Portable


Resources + Support

Setup & How To Guide


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Air Pressure Station

Demo this Wheelset

Demo this Wheelset

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Step 2
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Step 4
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Purchase within 60 days and demo fee will be credited back to you.

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    (Includes: Installed Tires, Rotors, Cassete & Emergency Repair Kit)

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