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Over 10 years of aero product development with a focus on real-world performance has led us to tire development. Tire shape and construction greatly influence aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, and your confidence. SES Road Tires are proven in CFD and the wind tunnel to reduce drag, and are constructed to deliver rolling efficiency, durability, and a confidence inspiring ride – regardless of the weather.

  • • Application
        • Road, Road Race, Triathlon, Time-Trial, All-Road
  • • Smart ENVE System Aero Optimized Shape and Tread Design
  • • Natural and Synthetic Rubber Compound w/ Activated Silica for All-Weather Performance
  • • Tubeless-Ready and Inner-Tube Compatible
  • • Hookless and Hooked-Bead Rim Type Compatible
  • • Inner-Rim Width Compatibility:
        • 25c (17-21mm)    27c, 29c, 31c (17-25mm)
  • • Weight: 25c (255g), 27c (265g), 29c (275g), 31c (285g)
  • • Vectran™ Protection Barrier

SES Road Tire

Features & Benefits
Specs & Compatibility


A tire’s shape and tread pattern greatly influence how airflow interacts with your rim. Over the years, we’ve dreamed of developing a tire specifically to enhance the aerodynamic performance of our premium SES wheel offering.

  • • Developed in CFD and the wind tunnel, tried and proven in the real-world to maximize aerodynamics when paired with an ENVE SES wheelset
  • • Will improve aerodynamics of any aero road wheelset


[Lower Watt Number Equals Faster Speed]



In the quest for holistic real-world tire performance, aerodynamics are only one part of the story.

For this reason, the SES Road Tire underwent many revisions, manipulating the casing materials, laminate, and tread to achieve a competitively fast rolling tire without sacrificing other key performance metrics like durability, and weight.

The ENVE SES Road Tires are designed to deliver maximum rolling efficiency while minimizing the trade-offs.


[Lower Watt Number Equals Faster Speed]


Achieved with Vectran

Whether racing or riding, a flat-tire can dash hopes of a podium finish, or crushing that elusive PR. No matter how it goes down, flat-tires ruin rides. We pride ourselves in delivering products that enhance and better your ride experience. The SES Road Tires feature Vectran™, the most effective, yet high-performance, anti-flat protection available.


[Higher Tread and Sidewall Numbers Represent Better Resistance to Flats]




  • • Lower Rolling Resistance
  • • Flat Less, Ride More
  • • Ability to Tune Traction and Comfort with Tire Pressure
  • • Bead Stiffness and Diameter Tuned for Optimal Tubeless Performance



Hookless and Hooked-Bead Rim Type Compatibility

The secret to a reliable tubeless seal and steadfast tire retention is sufficient tire bead stiffness and stability, coupled with a refined tire bead diameter.

  • • SES Road Tires arewith compatible with TSS/straight-sidewall hookless rims
  • • Bead diameter optimized to reduce compressive loads on rim and allow for tire lever free installation and removal
  • • Bead material will not stretch or creep over time 



Any Time, Any Weather

While the SES Road Tire has racing in its DNA, evolution has indicated that thoroughbred race tires lack the durability required of the modern road rider’s appetite for adventure. Come rain or rough road, the SES Road Tire is ready.

Everyday Race Rubber Features:

  • • A blend of natural and synthetic rubbers make up the composition of the tread compound
  • • Tread compound is balanced for low-rolling resistance and longevity
  • • Activated silica ensures excellent wet-weather performance



Different disciplines, rim widths, rider preferences and ride styles require different tires sizes and volumes. The SES Road Tire lineup consists of four performance options (25c, 27c, 29c, 31c) to cover your needs from the race course to rough roads. Given that tire volume varies with rim width, labeled tire sizes will vary from measured tire sizes.


View the “Compatibility & Specs” tab to see how your inner-rim-width affects tire width.

Over 10 years of SES rim development with a focus on real-world performance has led us to tire development. Tire shape and construction greatly influence aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, and our customer’s confidence. SES Road Tires are proven in CFD and the wind tunnel to reduce drag, and are constructed to deliver rolling efficiency, durability, and a confidence inspiring ride – regardless of the weather.

Aside from top-of-class aerodynamics, materials, and construction, the all-new SES Road Tires are designed to complement our SES and Foundation rim models that utilize a hookless or hooked bead. With the introduction of the SES Tire Collection, the question of “what tires can/should I run on my ENVE wheels?”, has been definitively addressed.

SES Road tire model pairing and comparison

SES Tire Size/Model 25c 27c 29c 31c
ETRTO 25-622 27-622 29-622 31-622
Application Road Race | Triathlon | TT Road Race | Triathlon | TT | All-Road Road Race | All-Road All-Road | Mixed Surface Race
Tire Type Tubeless Ready | Tube Compatible
Compatible With SES 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, SES DISC
ENVE 45 & 65
All ENVE Wheelsets
Optimal ENVE Rim Pairing SES 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, SES DISC
ENVE 45 & 65
SES 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, SES DISC, SES 3.4 AR, 4.5 AR, G23
ENVE 45 & 65
SES 3.4 AR, 4.5 AR, G23
ENVE 45 & 65
SES 3.4 AR, 4.5 AR, G23
ENVE 45 & 65
Inflating Width on Suggested Rim Pairing 19mm Internal = 25mm
21mm Internal = 26mm
23mm Internal = N/A
25mm Internal = N/A
19mm Internal = 27mm
21mm Internal = 28mm
23mm Internal = 29mm
25mm Internal = 30mm
19mm Internal = 28mm
21mm Internal = 29mm
23mm Internal = 30mm
25mm Internal = 31mm
19mm Internal = 30mm
21mm Internal = 31mm
23mm Internal = 32mm
25mm Internal = 33mm
Tire Pressure Range 60-90psi (4-6.25 Bar) 50-85psi (3.4-5.9 Bar) 40-80psi (2.8-5.5 Bar) 35-75psi (2.1-5.2 Bar)
Weight 255g 265g 275g 285g


5 out of 5 stars

1 review

  1. 4 out of 4 people found this helpful

    First impression is good

    tim.silverline (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I’ve only taken one 30mi ride so far but first impression of the tires is solid. I suck at tire installation but was able to actually get them fully on my SES 3.4 by myself. I don’t stand a chance with the GP5ks I was using previously.

    The Enve’s were a bit harder to get the bead to seat really well. Had to stop by a buddy’s to use his compressor as my charger pump didn’t come close and his compressor even took more fiddling with than usual. Once fully fiddled with, the seal was tight and it held air overnight for a ride the next day.

    While riding, it feels super smooth. Seems softer while rolling than GP5ks even though i had it inflated slightly higher. Grip seems great.

    The material looks and feels well made of higher quality than the other tubeless I’ve used recently.

    I am not sure which direction the tread is supposed to go. It isn’t symmetrical so I wish there were some guidance around this.

    I’ll try to remember to update or add another review in a couple months after i get a couple thousand miles on them.

    (4) (0)

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SES Road Tire

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