Not a road team, not a fixie team, not a gravel team, Meteor x Giordana is everything. Any type of event that brings in an audience and creates coverage is where the three-person team will be. From Dirty Kanza to Belgian Waffle Ride to the USA Crit Series, this is the future of cycling teams and Meteor x Giordana always put on a show.

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SES 3.4 AR Disc
The SES 3.4 AR is a truly modern road wheel, offering an aerodynamic advantage over the competition for riders who prefer the benefits of 28-32mm tires. Please review product compatibility…
SES 4.5 AR Disc

Starting at $2,700.00

The SES 4.5 AR Disc is an uncompromising aero wheel designed specifically for disc brake equipped bikes and large volume 28 to 30mm TUBELESS road tires. Please review product compatibility…
SES Aero Road Handlebar

Starting at $400.00

Aero Road Stem

Starting at $300.00

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