It’s not REALLY about the warranty – it’s about the design and engineering philosophy that our carbon products SIMPLY need to last longer THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET

To say that our products operate in the most challenging environments is an absolute understatement.  Some of the best cyclists in the world regularly pound our wheels into the dirt, literally. These past weeks in Fort Bill and Leogang, Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland went from practice, to qualifying to racing and to winning (Greg at Fort William) on a single set of wheels. If you compare that to our aluminum rim counterparts – they likely went through 10 sets, per rider, in a single weekend.

ENVE Carbon Fiber Warranty
Photo: Sven Martin

These athletes do not choose ENVE because of our warranty. They have their pick of all top brands. They choose ENVE because these parts can last when others fail. Their very livelihood depends on them getting down the mountain and across the finish line.

5 years is a long time for performance parts

This expectation drives everything we do from an engineering perspective. We EXPECT products to last 5 years, regardless of the circumstances. Some of our wheelsets and components will have 5,000 miles on them in 5 years.  Some will have 20,000. So we design to the most extreme scenario. This ensures that our average consumer will have far more use than 5 years, and if they don’t we’ll make it right!

ENVE Carbon Fiber Warranty

“To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when the ENVE wheels were presented to me at the first team training camp in South Africa. The hidden nipples made me worried about truing, but my fears were unfounded, the rims have stayed unbelievably straight and I have never met a wheel of this quality. Even when bikes are broken or when the wheels are put through the worst conditions imaginable the wheels are rarely damaged. I can say after many years as a Pro mechanic that until this date, I have never seen a better wheel, its a real pleasure to work with ENVE.”

– Klas Johansson | Head Mechanic MTN Qhubeka

Do they cost more because they are warrantied for 5 years?

Not in the way that most think. Our warranty expense is very low. However, it is expensive to build a wheel to the 5 year standard. Engineering, Testing, Building, Quality Assurance, Quality Control: All of these processes are necessary to deliver that level of quality.

ENVE Carbon Fiber Warranty

We’ve got your back

It really all boils down to our belief that customer service shouldn’t be just a department. Everything we do and everything we are contributes to the customer experience. We expect this from ENVE because we (as consumers) expect it from others.

We have your back, 100%. If anything goes wrong, give us a call and we will try to make it right. Sometimes we make mistakes. We will always try to make it right.

We believe in 1,825 worry free days of riding.

ENVE Carbon Fiber Warranty

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