In the third installation of his video series “A Dog’s Life”, Brendog, AKA Brendan Fairclough, takes us to South Africa, where he rides with World Cup Downhill Champion Amaury Pierron. The pace of these two ENVE athletes together on the same track is hard to believe. Amaury, the 2018 UCI DH overall points winner, is described by Brendog as “an outright savage on the bike”. Berms are destroyed, dust coats every camera lens, and eyes get watery from the speed carried down the trail. 

A Dog’s Life: Episode 3

Both Amaury and Brendan ride M930’s in the video, our world-cup-winning downhill wheel. Brendan has said that, “The biggest ride quality difference between ENVE and other wheel brands is felt in the turns–they spring incredibly fast out of a corner.” That’s easy to see in the speed both he and Amaury carry in this segment.

Slo-mo shots show how high speeds, chunk and cornering forces affect the wheels. The M930 is designed to be the strongest and stiffest wheel in our lineup, and can hold a line through the roughest trails at some of the highest speeds possible. Brendan estimated speeds of over 50km/h in one of the video’s high-speed jump sections.

Brendan also created a behind-the-scenes tour of the trip, which shows not only what went into the shots, but all the shenanigans that go down in, “A Dog’s Life”.

Behind the Scenes: A Dog’s Life Diaries

Just looking for something to watch while sitting in your armchair with a Pinot Noir in hand? Check out the all-slo-mo edit set to Beethoven’s 7th, which is sure to relax anyone stuck inside while dying to get out and ride.

Slomo with Classical Music

Check out episodes one and two of A Dog’s Life Diaries, below:

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