Former professional racers like Christian Meier (Owner of The Service Course) and Svein Tuft have long been our favorite type of rider. They do it simply for the enjoyment of riding a bike. Join us in watching their recent video adventure, “Connection”, to see how essential riding is to their lives, as they tread across treacherous terrain in Tuft’s backyard aboard their ENVE M525 and ENVE 3.4 AR wheels. 

After living and training together on Canada’s rural west coast, Svein Tuft and Christian Meier went on to spend the majority of their professional careers racing side by side. A friendship forged on the bike.

Following retirement from the pro peloton, life has taken them in different directions but they still find time to spend the occasional long weekend together – on the bike of course – reminiscing about the good old days and plotting their next escapade.

After calling Europe home for many years, Svein and his young family have now moved back to Canada, the start of a new chapter. Until next time…

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