When Pinkbike released their Trail / All-Mountain Bike-of-the-Year Nominees, we were humbled to find ENVE wheels spec’d on four-out-of-five of the nominated bikes.  Not coincidentally, these are some of the same bikes rolling around the ENVE office and knocking at the top of employee’s Christmas lists.  So, we asked a couple of ENVE employees to share why they love their ride. Bottomline: if you love to ride like we do, you can’t go wrong with any of these steeds.Bike_Of_The_Year_4

Santa Cruz Nomad

“The new Nomad was an exciting addition to my personal quiver in 2014. The promises of the pedaling efficiency of a Bronson and the downhill prowess of the V-10 were too tempting to turn down. Admittedly, the trails in and around Ogden are technically undemanding and for the most part undeserving of the Nomad’s DH pedigree but a few of our local trails will reward you with 20-30 minute descents if you feel like pedaling to the top which I do, on a regular basis. The Nomad is without doubt a confidence inspiring downhill shred sled, but going uphill is surprisingly manageable and dare I say enjoyable as long as you aren’t trying to bag XC KOM’s. As for build, I opted for the full XX1 drivetrain, trusty XTR Trail brakes, and RS suspension all around. Regarding wheels, if I could have designed the perfect frame to go with our new M70 wheelset the Nomad would be it. The M70 is wide, light, and super strong/durable making it the perfect companion on long descents in rough and rowdy terrain, just like the Nomad.” – Jake Pantone, Director of MarketingBike_Of_The_Year_2

Yeti SB5c

“The radness of Yeti’s new trail weapon, the SB5c, just can’t be quantified. Riding in a category of its own that kept me wondering how much further I could push it; probably too far. Featuring one of the most unique suspension designs of recent times, the patented Switch Infinity was impressively adaptable, conquering the ups and the downs equally well. So well in fact, I laughed at Chris Conroy (CEO of Yeti) when he told me to try climbing without the ‘climb’ or ‘trail’ mode engaged. Sure enough, the suspension was active providing ample traction, yet the pedaling performance was minimally affected. Forgetting the shock was already pegged to fun mode upon reaching the top, I almost flipped it to ‘climb’ before the ridiculously fun decent awaiting us. The high speed, rocky and rooted terrain mixed with some of the best flowing corners around, was a perfect match for the 5c. Truly performing far beyond expectations, the bike dump trucked through the rough terrain, remaining well planted yet agile and playful. Yeti’s new SB5c could not be a better fit for ENVE’s M60 wheelset, a well-rounded matchup ready to go head to head with bikes well outside its category.” – Dylan Stucki, Digital ContentBike_Of_The_Year_1

Intense Tracer 27.5C

“With all the options available in mountain bike frames many of the most dedicated dirt riders are opting to assemble a quiver of bikes comparable to what most die-hard alpine skiers do. With that said, most riders unlike skiers, can’t afford, “a bike for every condition” and focus their resources toward the elusive one-bike-quiver. Enter, the new Intense Tracer 275 C (C = Carbon). This full carbon frame is one capable machine. With adjustable rear travel between 140-160mm the rider can tune this ride for the conditions that make the most sense for the day. Voila! A one-bike-quiver for the Enduro junkie! While I wouldn’t be caught dead toeing the line of an XC race on this rig, its geometry is balanced and pleasant for the long 2-3k ft. ascents we pedal around the Wasatch Front. Add to this rig a compliment of ENVE carbon cockpit and a pair of M60 wheels and you’re talking about no compromise trail eating monster that will never leave you longing for more.” – Mike Diamond, Graphic DesignBike_Of_The_Year_3

GT Sanction

“The GT Sanction is a bike that excels in the nastiest of downhill trail environments. It was a bike made with one discipline in mind, Enduro. The Sanction is light and pedals efficiently enough to get you to the top while still having plenty of gas in the tank to charge the downhill sections. And charge it does. The bike feels comfortable on flow trails, and resembles its bigger brother closely when you get it into steep, rocky and technical terrain. The Sanction is a worthy choice for a one bike quiver, not once did I reach the point where I was wishing for more suspension or a slacker head angle.  Never being worried about getting to the top first, the Sanction delivers every advantage possible on the way down. The frame is recommended for a 160mm travel fork, however, it felt a bit more at home with a 170mm fork and a shorty stem due to the lengthier top tube. The Sanction uses the same gravity specific version of their Independent Drive Train Suspension System (I-Drive) as the Fury, giving it a true World Cup downhill feel. The rear end is extremely stiff and responsive when standing up on the pedals and the small bump compliance is smooth as butter. Point it downhill, throw a set of ENVE M70’s on it, and let go of the brakes, the Sanction will take care of the rest.” Chris Ridder, U.S. SalesBike_Of_The_Year_5


“The Mojo HD3 is a very capable trail machine with the climbing manners of a short travel XC rig. Seated climbing is a dream and while the DW Link suspension remains visibly active it is nearly imperceptible unless you rise out of the saddle. Overall the bike has a light and playful feel, the position is balanced and handling is quick but not twitchy. The HD3’s true personality really starts to shine through when the trail points back towards sea level. The rear end feels stiff and the bike tracks very well giving the feeling that it wants to always be pushed harder through corners. With a 160mm travel fork and 150mm of DW link suspension in the rear the HD3 is at ease floating across steep rock gardens, and jumping into sketchy lines. Truth be told, I’ve been pegged as an XC trail rider, and have been known to claim my off-road riding genre as “all-mountain, wheels on the ground,” but on the HD3 all I wanted to do was jump! For me a set of 2.4” tires on ENVE M60s will complement this bike perfectly, but for those who prefer to climb by shuttle vs pushing pedals, I’ll encourage you to mount up a set of M70s and go jump this thing.” Joe Wignall, OEM Partnerships

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