G Series Gravel Fork

Starting at $550.00

G Series Gravel Handlebar

Starting at $350.00

Outside is Free – Cookbook by Henrik Orre

Starting at $30.00

ENVE x Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit

Starting at $110.00

ENVE x Silca HX1 Essential Tool Kit

Starting at $130.00

CX Disc

Starting at $2,420.00

A disc brake-specific carbon fiber tubular wheel designed from the ground up to be the ultimate cyclocross racing hoop…
G23 700C

Starting at $2,800.00

The G23 is the definition of a true disc gravel wheelset.  At 330 grams, ENVE’s lightest 700c tubeless rim accelerates quickly and ascends with ease. Armed against pinch…
G27 650B

Starting at $2,800.00

The G27 is the G23’s little big brother. Smaller in diameter and lighter in weight, the G27 is designed for disc brakes and higher volume tires demanded by…
M525 G

Starting at $2,800.00

The M525 is a lightweight, full carbon tubeless compatible clincher that has been developed specifically for the demands of world cup cross country racing. Consequently, many of the same attributes…
Wahoo Computer Mount Insert w/Bolt

Starting at $5.00

7 x 9 mm Seatpost Upper Cradle

Starting at $7.50

Men’s CX T-Shirt

Starting at $25.00

Women’s CX T-Shirt

Starting at $25.00

ENVE Water Bottle

Starting at $12.00

Wheel Bag

Starting at $80.00

Water Bottle Cage

Starting at $70.00

Computer Mount

Starting at $40.00

ENVE x Mission Workshop Hip Pack

Starting at $160.00

Decal G27

Starting at $30.00

Decal G23

Starting at $30.00

Decal M525

Starting at $30.00

Compression Sock

Starting at $20.00

Decal SES 4.5 AR Disc

Starting at $4.17

All Road Disc Fork

Starting at $750.00

Cross Disc Fork

Starting at $542.00

Seatpost 300mm

Starting at $275.00

Road and Gravel Tubeless Kit

Starting at $39.00

Seatpost 400mm

Starting at $275.00

Seatpost Replacement Hardware

Starting at $30.00

Road Bar End Plug

Starting at $4.00

Road Stem

Starting at $265.00

Spoke Nipple

Starting at $10.40

Spoke Nipple Wrench

Starting at $29.50

Silca Valve Extenders

Starting at $29.00

Road Handlebar

Starting at $350.00

Fork Compression Plug

Starting at $25.00

Rim Strip

Starting at $8.00

Seatpost Battery Plug

Starting at $20.00

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Step 1
ENVE Customer Service will contact you to give a brief wheel specification consultation.
Step 2
ENVE will deliver your demo wheelset within 3 business days.
Step 3
Upon receipt you will have 14 days to demo your wheelset.
Step 4
Upon completion of 14 day demo period, repackage and return wheelset to ENVE using provided return shipping label.
Step 5
Purchase within 60 days and demo fee will be credited back to you.

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  • Includes shipping to and from ENVE
  • Wheelset delivered complete & ready to ride
    (Includes: Installed Tires, Rotors, Cassete & Emergency Repair Kit)
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