Below are some commonly asked questions regarding ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection and 5-Year Limited Warranty. If you still have questions about these programs after reviewing the FAQ, please contact us.

Q: A:
Can my warranty replacement product be sent before I send my damaged product back to ENVE? We physically inspect 100% of product subject to warranty claims. Rims will be replaced using customer’s existing hubs, so we must receive the wheel/wheelset in order to process the warranty claim.
Who covers shipping? Customers must provide their own packaging.
ENVE will cover shipping to and from ENVE for customers in North America and direct EU markets.
In markets managed by ENVE Authorized Distributors, shipping rates are subject to discretion of the Distributor.
What do I need to remove from my wheelset? We request that customers remove their tires, tubes, cassettes, thru-axles, and any other accessories to prevent the possibility of loss in the warranty process.
Does the ENVE 5-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection programs apply to second-hand owners? While we cannot warrant our product beyond the Original Owner, we support the people who ride it, regardless of where the product was purchased.  Damaged ENVE product which is not accompanied by an original proof of purchase from an authorized dealer will require a cost for replacement.

If your second hand product is damaged it can be replaced with the claimed model, or most similar replacement model at 30% off of MSRP in your country.  The cost of labor, additional parts, sales tax, shipping, and VAT/Import duties are not covered under the ENVE Warranty or Lifetime Incident Protection programs.

Is ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection part of the 5-Year Limited Warranty? No, these are two separate programs.  Lifetime Incident Protection is an additional service that ENVE offers to give customers peace of mind for whatever mishaps may happen.
What is not covered under the ENVE 5-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection? This warranty does not cover consumables such as brake pads, bar-end plugs, bar tape, decals, tubeless kits, rim tape, valve stems, spokes, hub bearings etc…

This warranty does not cover wear and tear such as worn/damaged decals, scratched carbon, worn brake tracks, UV fade, etc…

Can I use the ENVE 5-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection to switch from rim brakes to disc brakes or boost spacing to super-boost? No. You may change between rim models within the platform, but not the platform itself. For example, you may have a damaged 3.4 rim brake rim replaced with a  5.6 rim brake rim or 3.4 disc brake rim to 5.6 disc brake rim.
What is covered under ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection? ENVE manufactured hardgoods defined as rim, hub, bar, stem, seatpost, etc… purchased from ENVE (or an authorized ENVE dealer) for damage caused to the product while riding, or by accident.
What  does “Lifetime” mean in Lifetime Incident Protection? “Lifetime” refers to the practical lifespan of the product for the duration in which it is in possession of the original registered owner, not the lifespan of the product’s owner. ENVE products are durable and designed for a long lifespan, however, the manner in which a Product is used, maintained, serviced, and cared for will directly impact the lifespan of a product.
How many times can I take advantage of ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection? If we find that you are consistently having issues with a specific product, we would say you’re not experiencing the ride experience we intended you to have and that there is a high liklihood that you’re simply not on the right product for how you ride. When direct replacement of the product won’t solve your issue, we will recommend a replacement product that will better meet your needs. For example, if you’re consistently damaging a cross-country rated rim, we may suggest that you transition to a better suited and more impact resistant trail rated rim.
What if I don’t have a copy of my receipt? You may wish to contact the retailer where you made the purchase. ENVE does retain records of the location where our products are shipped to.  If we are able to confirm a record of your original purchase with the retailer, the warranty claim may still be honored, In ENVE’s sole discretion.  However, the best way to ensure a seamless experience is to register your product at or shortly after the time of purchase.
What if the product has been discontinued? If your claim requires the upgrade of one rim, a model-specific upgrade will be offered to mitigate your cost of the matching additional rim.  If the hole-count of your hub does not match the provided replacement rim, a model-specific upgrade will be offered to mitigate your cost for the replacement hub.
Is theft covered by ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection? Theft is not covered under Lifetime Incident Protection, but we will do everything we can to assist in getting you back on the bike and riding  your favorite ENVE products.

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