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An all season, all terrain fat bike wheel that’s at home in the snow or on the dirt.



An all season, all terrain fat bike wheel that’s at home in the snow, or on the dirt.

For those who ride their fat-bikes year round, and those who don’t want “Snow-Only” carbon wheels. Adopted M Series technology to insure durability and confidence.

For many, fat-bikes are the ultimate bicycle. With the ability to tackle any trail, through any weather environment, fat-bikes keep the fun rolling all year round. This wheelset bring the ENVE M Series legacy to your all terrain ride and delivers performance in the snow, sand, and dirt. Lighten your fat-bike, and cover more trail than ever before with confidence and without limitation.

Product Specs

Rim Specs Front Rear
Rim Depth 45mm 45mm
External Width 94mm 94mm
Internal Width 85mm 85mm
Hole Count 32 32
Effective Rim Diameter 526 526
Recommended Tire Size 3.8-4.5” 3.8-4.5”
27.5" Specs Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 606g 606g 1212g
i9 Torch 962g 1085g 2047g
26" Specs Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 576g 576g 1152g
i9 Torch 927g 1049g 1976g
Spoke Information* Spoke Cross Front Length (NDS/DS) Rear Length (NDS/DS)
Industry Nine 27.5" Fat Bike Hub 150mm / 297mm 2X 248mm / 252mm 250mm / 248mm
Industry Nine 26" Fat Bike Hub 150mm / 297mm 2X 236mm / 240mm 238mm / 236mm
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes.

Pressure Recommendations

Rim Model M525 M630 & M730 M635 & M735 M735 E M640 M930
Tire Volume 2.1-2.4 2.3-2.5 2.5-2.8 2.5-2.8 2.8-3.2 2.35-2.6
< 120 lbs. FR 16-2017-21 15-1916-20 13-1614-17 14-1715-18 10-1112-13 15-1916-20
120-140 lbs FR 16-2017-21 15-1916-20 14-1715-18 15-1816-19 11-1213-14 17-2118-22
140-160 lbs FR 17-2118-22 16-2017-21 15-1816-19 16-1917-20 12-1314-15 23-2724-28
160-180 lbs FR 18-2219-23 17-2118-22 16-1917-20 17-2018-21 13-1415-16 24-2825-29
180-200 lbs FR 19-2320-24 18-2219-23 17-2018-21 18-2119-22 14-1516-17 25-2926-30
200-220 lbs FR 21-2522-26 20-2421-25 18-2119-22 19-2220-23 15-1617-18 28-3229-33
220-240 lbs FR 23-2724-28 22-2623-27 19-2220-23 20-2321-24 16-1718-20 29-3330-34
Rim Model M525 M630 & M730 M635 & M735 M735 E M640 M930
Tire Volume 2.1-2.4 2.3-2.5 2.5-2.8 2.5-2.8 2.8-3.2 2.35-2.6
< 55 Kgs FR 1.1-1.41.2-1.45 1.0-1.31.1-1.4 .9-1.1.95-1.2 .95-1.21.0-1.25 .70-.75.80-.90 1.0-1.31.1-1.4
55-65 Kgs FR 1.1-1.41.2-1.45 1.0-1.31.1-1.4 .95-1.21.0-1.25 1.0-1.251.1-1.3 .75-.80.90-.95 1.2-1.451.25-1.5
65-73 Kgs FR 1.2-1.451.25-1.5 1.1-1.41.2-1.45 1.0-1.251.1-1.3 1.1-1.31.2-1.4 .80-.90.95-1.0 1.6-1.851.65-1.9
73-82 Kgs FR 1.25-1.51.3-1.6 1.2-1.451.25-1.5 1.1-1.31.2-1.4 1.2-1.41.25-1.45 .90-.951.0-1.1 1.65-1.91.7-2.0
82-91 Kgs FR 1.3-1.61.4-1.65 1.25-1.51.3-1.6 1.2-1.41.25-1.45 1.25-1.451.3-1.5 .95-1.01.1-1.2 1.7-2.01.8-2.05
91-100 Kgs FR 1.45-1.71.5-1.8 1.4-1.651.45-1.7 1.25-1.451.3-1.5 1.3-1.51.4-1.6 1.0-1.11.2-1.25 1.9-2.22.0-2.25
100-110 Kgs FR 1.6-1.851.65-1.9 1.5-1.81.6-1.85 1.3-1.51.4-1.6 1.4-1.61.45-1.65 1.1-1.21.25-1.4 2.0-2.252.05-2.4


Application Specific Design



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Rim Size

29 Inch Wheels

  • Best speed holding
  • Best traction
  • Smoothest rolling over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Good lateral stiffness
  • Slowest accelerating
  • Best for hard tails and short travel suspension bikes

27.5 Inch Wheels

  • Best features of 29 inch and 26 inch wheels
  • Smoother than 26 inch over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Quicker acceleration than 29 inch wheels
  • Better traction than 26 inch wheels
  • Agility and handling on par with that of a 26 inch wheel
  • Best for medium to long travel suspension bikes

Rim Volume - Each M Series rim is optimized for specific tire volumes. Your preferred tire size should guide your decision between standard and high volume M Series wheels

  • M525 – 2.1-2.4" Tire Width
  • M630 – 2.3-2.5" Tire Width
  • M635 – 2.5-2.8" Tire Width
  • M640 – 2.8-3.2" Tire Width
  • M730 – 2.3-2.5" Tire Width
  • M735 – 2.5-2.8" Tire Width
  • M930 – 2.35-2.6" Tire Width

Spoke Count

24 Hole

  • M525 Specific
  • Striking the right balance between a lightweight and durable build.

28 Hole

  • M6 Series Specific
  • Slightly lighter wheel build
  • Best for lighter riders
  • No difference in durability

32 Hole

  • M7 and M9 Series Specific
  • Slightly heavier wheel build
  • Increased stiffness
  • Best for heavier or more aggressive riders

Front Axle

ENVE supports standard 100mm and boost 110mm front wheel 15mm thru-axle systems on all wheels except the M90 which uses a 20mm front axle. We can convert thru-axles to accommodate quick releases if your fork requires the use of a quick release. Front axle specifications are provided by your fork manufacturer.

Standard = 15mm x 100mm Thru-axle
Boost = 15mm x 110mm Thru-Axle

Rear Axle

Rear axle configuration is determined by your frame. You can find most in the specs section of the manufacturer website.

The most common current rear axle configuration for all-mountain bikes.
This is boost. Frames 2015 model year and newer will most likely have a "boost" rear axle configuration.
Common rear axle on DH bikes model year 2013 and older.
Most common rear axle configuration on model year 2014 and newer DH bikes.


Shimano/SRAM 10
All Shimano 10/11 speed and SRAM 10 speed component groups
All SRAM 1x11

Hub Model

DT 240 6B

  • DT Swiss' most popular hub with 6 bolt brake rotor style

DT 240 CL

  • DT Swiss' most popular hub with center-lock brake rotor style

Chris King 6B

  • Chris King hub with 6 bolt brake rotor style

Decal Colors


Demo this Wheelset

Demo this Wheelset

Ride them and you'll know
Step 1
ENVE Customer Service will contact you to give a brief wheel specification consultation.
Step 2
ENVE will deliver your demo wheelset within 3 business days.
Step 3
Upon receipt you will have 14 days to demo your wheelset.
Step 4
Upon completion of 14 day demo period, repackage and return wheelset to ENVE using provided return shipping label.
Step 5
Purchase within 60 days and demo fee will be credited back to you.

Demo Start Date

Rim Size

Rotor Size

Front Axle

Rear Axle


Demo Cost
  • Includes shipping to and from ENVE
  • Wheelset delivered complete & ready to ride
    (Includes: Installed Tires, Rotors, Cassete & Emergency Repair Kit)

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