SES 3.4

Carbon Fiber Wheelset


Una rueda para ascensos (puertos) con eficiencia aerodinámica, diseñada para la montaña.

SES 3.4


Polivalente rueda ligera para utilizar en cualqueir terreno, con ventajas aerodinámicas

Ciclistas d ecarretera que buscan un par de ruedas ligero, aerodinámico que les sirva para todas las situaciones

ENVE se encuentra situada en Ogden, estado de Utah (USA), con las Wasatch Mountains al este y el Western Desert al oeste. Ante esta situación geográfica tan variada queríamos crear un juego de ruedas que proporcionara ventajas aerodinámicas y estabilidad sobre todo tipo de terreno y frente a cualquier condición climatológica. Las 3.4 son ligeras, y de perfil relativamente bajo, lo cual les permite ascender con facilidad los puertos de montaña y descender los revirados cañones venteados con agilidad. En terreno llano y de rodar la tecnología aerodinámica del Smart ENVE System entra a formar parte del juego, reduciendo la resistencia aerodinámica y mejorando, así, la eficiencia.

Product Specs

Clincher Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 458g 459g 917g
ENVE Carbon 636g 773g 1409g
ENVE Alloy 666g 843g 1509g
King R45 664g 806g 1469g
Tubular Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 392g 401g 793g
ENVE Carbon 570g 715g 1285g
ENVE Alloy 600g 785g 1385g
King R45 598g 747g 1345g
Rim Specs Front Rear
Depth 38mm 42m
Internal Width 21mm 21mm
External Width 27.5mm 27.5mm
Hole Count 20 24
Effective Rim Diameter 580mm 573mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c
Spoke Information* Spoke Cross (Front/Rear) Front Length (Radial) Rear Length (NDS/DS)
ENVE Carbon Radial/2X 274mm 282mm / 278mm
ENVE Alloy Radial/2X 274mm 282mm / 278mm
DT180 / DT240 / DT350 Radial/2X 272mm 278mm / 276mm
Chris King R45 Radial/2X 272mm 276mm / 274mm
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Some wheelsets built before May 2018 may use a DT Swiss spoke equivalent. DT Swiss spoke heads are stamped "DT".


3.4 Rim Shape Explained


Full Carbon Laminate

Textured Full Carbon Brake Track

Road Tubeless Compatible

Resources + Support

Tubeless Installation Instructions
Gluing A Tubular Tire


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4 opiniones

  1. Avatar

    3.4 SES for a Titanium Dream

    Voltaire Cao

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    I had the opportunity to build a custom built Titanium Vassago Roadie. With that the 3.4 SES was a must. I paired it with a set of White Industry high polish hubs and Vitoria Corsa 28mm (tan sidewalls). The wheels chosen are a perfect combination for this build. Balanced, light, nimble and fast is how I can describe the wheels. The bike climbs and descends well. Stoked to have this steed as my Sunday Slayer to the coffee shop but don’t let it fool you. It performs as well as it looks complimenting that Titanium frame. Giving that vintage vibe but with a race ready Etap drivetrain the wheels definitely flies!!!! Compared to some of the wheels I’ve tried (Mavic, Roval, Industry nine, Giant SLR -O) I feel these are an absolute dream. The fit, the finish, and performance are top notch. Finally, the craftsmanship backed by a solid warranty give me that piece of mind. Thank you

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  2. Avatar

    There is no equal...

    Nick S

    How many hours/week do you ride? 16-25

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    I was riding my bike for a year in the canyons surrounding SLC and I truly believed that it was dialed, until an unfortunate incident occurred that required me to purchase a new set of wheels. I went with the Enve 3.4s/CK and everything changed. Suddenly I’m watching minutes drop from Strava times, both on the ascent and descent. The improved brake track is light years ahead of other carbon hoops that I’ve ridden, and I’m confident braking far later leading into turns. With the movement towards larger, more aero wheels I was on the fence about the 3.4s, but they roll faster than my 65mm wheels from another popular brand and are completely invisible to the wind. To top all of this off, the wheels are stunningly beautiful… do yourself a favor and stop searching, you’ve found the cheat code.

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  3. Avatar

    Alberto Pina

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    Smooth & fast! An upgrade you can easily feel on the first ride.

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  4. Avatar

    SES 3.4 = Perfection

    Evan Blankenship

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    These wheels are incredible. The profile is excellent for smaller riders or if you are wanting to scream up any hill. They spin up super fast, have the straight line feeling of deeper wheels, all while having the cross wind affects of an even shallower wheelset. The fit and finish of them are top notch as well.

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SES 3.4

Carbon Fiber Wheelset

Demo this Wheelset

Demo this Wheelset

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