SES 4.5

Carbon Fiber Wheelset


Lo máximo en ruedas de carbono para montar a diario: el par de ruedas elegido por el Team MTN – Qhubeka

SES 4.5

What's included

Lo máximo en ruedas de carbono para montar a diario: el par de ruedas elegido por el Team MTN – Qhubeka

Ciclistas de carretera y triatletas que buscan conseguir aerodinámica, ligereza y estabilidad con las mínimas concesiones.

Porque desde el momento en el que los primeros prototipos empezaron a girar en ENVE, ya fueron las favoritas en la empresa. La SES 4.5 redondea lo que es la línea de ruedas Smart ENVE System como una verdadera rueda de competición de perfil medio utilizable a diario. Además, las SES 4.5 presentan un perfil refinado y una construcción específica para conseguir la mejor aceleración, paso en curva, resistencia a los impactos y ahorro de peso.

Skewers 100/130mm

Brake pads 10mm (SRAM/Shimano or Campy)

Rim Strip

Valve Extenders (45mm set)

Accessory Bag-Wheel Manual

Wheelbuild Card

“Las ENVE son también las mejores ruedas para todo uso que hemos utilizado jamás: ligeras, estables, y totalmente rápidas cuando se lo pides. Si tuviéramos que tener un solo par de ruedas para el resto de nuestra vida, seguramente sería este.”–“Estas ruedas me sorprendieron fundamentalmente debido a lo bien equilibradas que están y a la amplio rango de utilización que permiten: las puedes usar prácticamente para todo. Son muy ligeras y se pueden utilizar para las subidas de puertos. Y en el llano, son muy aerodinámicas.”–

Product Specs

Clincher Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 477g 489g 966g
ENVE Carbon 651g 803g 1455g
ENVE Alloy 681g 867g 1548g
King R45 683g 837g 1520g
Tubular Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 362g 395g 757g
ENVE Carbon 537g 709g 1246g
ENVE Alloy 567g 773g 1340g
King R45 569g 743g 1312g
Rim Specs Front Rear
Depth 48mm 56m
Internal Width 18.5mm 17mm
External Width 27mm 25.5mm
Hole Count 20 24
Effective Rim Diameter 563mm 545mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c
Tubeless Compatible? No No
Spoke Information* Spoke Cross (Front/Rear) Front Length (Radial) Rear Length (NDS/DS)
ENVE Carbon Radial/2X 264mm 268mm / 264mm
ENVE Alloy Radial/2X 266mm 268mm / 266mm
DT180 / DT240 / DT350 Radial/2X 262mm 264mm / 262mm
Chris King R45 Radial/2X 262mm 264mm / 260mm
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Those built before May 2018 may use a DT Swiss spoke equivalent. DT Swiss spoke heads are stamped "DT".


4.5 Rim Shape Explained


Full Carbon Laminate

Tubular Version Available

Textured Full Carbon Brake Track

Resources + Support

Gluing A Tubular Tire


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6 opiniones

  1. Avatar

    The Ultimate All 'Rounder

    Rustin Gramm

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    Bought these to replace my wonderful ROLF Aeres 4 wheelset. Those wheels were light, fast rolling, and easy to maintain. but they were a little noodly under big load (high torque climbing, sprinting). The ENVE 4.5 are everything those wheels were and more. they spin up to speed effortlessly, and once rolling they want to keep holding speed. they almost never flex under big load, and since they are slightly wider, my tires grew even more plush. and they look the business. super fly, fast, light, stiff. and with the Chris King hubs, and the amazing warranty, these wheels should be in my stable for a long time to come.

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  2. Avatar

    SES 4.5 Rim Review

    Tim S.

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    I built up a set of SES 4.5 rims in the past year and have been very impressed with their performance. I use them for a rides of varying lengths and intensity. They spin up very easily, and are much more stable in cross winds to other deeper section rims that I’ve ridden. The braking performance is very good as well, especially for a carbon surface. They built up very nicely, the rims were round and came to tension nicely. The internal nipples are not my favorite, but worthwhile for the articulating nipple/rim bed interface. And finally, having the Enve guarantee is a nice peace of mind for those potholes that seem to come out of nowhere.

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  3. Avatar

    Wicked Wheels


    How many hours/week do you ride? 16-25

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    I spent the bulk of last season training and racing on these wheels. Previously, I had been riding Roval CLX32s, which are shallower and wider. The 4.5s certainly carry speed better than the Rovals. It’s hard to tell the aerodynamic benefit while riding, the only noticeable difference is that the 4.5s get knocked around a little more in a crosswind. I will say the narrower rim makes them ride a little harsher than the Rovals, but I believe these downsides are made up for by the gains in aerodynamics. They’ve withstood two crashes, and make my bike look badass (IMHO).

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  4. Avatar

    The One Wheelset to Rule them All

    Benjamin Cook

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    Not only are these reliable, they preform phenomenally. Im not a heavy guy buy Ive never had issues in wind, and boy is it windy here in the Midwest. Also these are the perfect blend of aero and weight making it the ideal 1 wheel quiver. I used these wheels for the P/1 Green Mountain Stage race, Crit Nationals, even a local dirt road race and I never thought I needed another option.

    In summary to quote Ferris “I love riding it, its so choice… I highly recommend picking one up”

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SES 4.5

Carbon Fiber Wheelset

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Demo this Wheelset

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