SES 7.8

Carbon Fiber Wheelset


La rueda aerodinámica Smart ENVE System de fibra de carbono más rápida hasta el momento.

SES 7.8

What's included
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Tire Compatibility

La rueda aerodinámica Smart ENVE System de fibra de carbono más rápida hasta el momento.

Triatletas expertos y ciclistas de carretera que buscan estabilidad y las máximas prestaciones aerodinámicas

Construimos la SES 7.8 para conseguir dos cosas: mayor velocidad y más estabilidad. La SES 7.8 reúne las más recientes tecnologías SES incluyendo nuestra innovadora tecnología de moldeado de la pista de frenado y la compatibilidad con cubiertas tubeless. La SES 7.8 es más ancha y específicamente optimizada para conseguir los mejores resultados en conjunción con un cuadro aerodinámico moderno y cubiertas anchas de 25 mm.

Tubeless Kit (Clincher only):
-2x valve stems
-1x roll of tape (good for taping 3 wheels)
-2x Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nuts

Skewers 100/130mm

Brake pads 10mm (SRAM/Shimano or Campy)

Brake pads 8mm (SRAM/Shimano)

Valve Extenders (75mm set)

Accessory Bag

Wheel Manual

Wheelbuild Card

Cuándo la carrera es contra el viento y el reloj, la SES 7.8 está optimizada para la tarea. Encontrando el equilibrio entre aerodinámica, estabilidad, peso y rigidez la SES 7.8 de fibra de carbono es la herramienta perfecta para la competición en carretera y triatlón. La SES 7.8 lleva perfiles de llanta diferentes en la rueda delantera o trasera. La delantera tiene una altura de 71 mm por 29 de anchura, mientras la trasera es de 80 mm de altura con 27,5 mm de ancho. La geometría diferenciada de las llantas mejora la eficiencia del flujo de aire del sistema cuadro-ruedas. Como actualmente ya es normal montar neumáticos de 25 mm de anchura, la SES 7.8 se diseñó teniendo en cuenta los neumáticos anchos. Además, los constructores de cuadros producen cuadros con mayor paso de rueda, lo cual nos ha permitido ampliar horizontes en el diseño de ruedas. La SES 7.8 está optimizada para estos cuadros. Además de los cambios en perfil y estructura, la SES 7.8 presenta la innovadora textura moldeada en la pista de frenado de fibra de carbono y es compatible con cubiertas tubeless. En las ruedas montadas con el buje ENVE Carbon Road, la SES 7.8 consigue un peso de solo 1562 gramos, convirtiéndola en una elección adecuada para las carreras sobre terreno llano y de media montaña.

ENVE SES 2.2, 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, 3.4 Disc, 5.6 Disc, 7.8 Disc, SES Rear Disc Wheel – There are no limitations on tire compatibility with these wheel models. Your ENVE SES wheels may be set up and run with inner-tubes and non-tubeless tires or tubeless (TL) and tubeless ready (TLR) tires alike. We recommend the use of a Tubeless (TL) or Tubeless Ready (TLR) 700x25c tire set up tubeless to maximize aerodynamics, rolling resistance, crosswind stability, and your ride experience.

Non-Tubeless Setup (i.e. I want to run inner-tubes) – Each ENVE SES wheelset is delivered with one roll of RED, model specific, ENVE tested and approved tubeless rim tape. This tape should be installed regardless of whether you intend to run your wheels tubeless or not. Do not run cloth or plastic (including ENVE) non-tubeless compatible rim tape or strips. Plastic rim strips and cloth tapes are too thick, bridge the drop-center rim channel, and will make installation and removal of tires extremely difficult. Click here for our tubeless tape installation video.

Cotton and/or Natural Fiber Sidewall TiresENVE does NOT RECOMMEND the use of cotton or natural fiber sidewall non-tubeless tires with ENVE SES wheelsets for EVERYDAY USE. These tires are intended for high-performance racing applications only. If you choose to run these tires, please inspect your tires after each ride for cuts, tears, and any signs of abrasion and/or wear in the sidewall and at the location of the rim/tire interface. If any wear and/or damage is identified, replace before riding. Riders who choose to run tires with cotton or natural fiber sidewalls do so at their own risk.

Product Specs

Clincher Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 603g 596g 1199g
ENVE Carbon 769g 901g 1670g
ENVE Alloy 799g 964g 1763g
King R45 799g 930g 1729g
Tubular Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 466g 491g 956g
ENVE Carbon 632g 795g 1427g
ENVE Alloy 662g 858g 1520g
King R45 661g 825g 1486g
Quick Specs Front Rear
Rim Depth 71mm 78mm
Internal Rim Width 19mm 19mm
External Rim Width 29mm 27.5mm
Hole Count 20 24
Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) 516mm 504mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c
Spoke Information* Spoke Cross (Front/Rear) Front Length (Radial) Rear Length (NDS/DS)
ENVE Carbon Radial/2X 244mm 246mm / 242mm
ENVE Alloy Radial/2X 242mm 244mm / 242mm
DT180 / DT240 / DT350 Radial/2X 240mm 242mm / 240mm
Chris King R45 Radial/2X 240mm 242mm / 238mm
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Those built before May 2018 may use a DT Swiss spoke equivalent. DT Swiss spoke heads are stamped "DT".


7.8 Rim Shape Explained


Full Carbon Laminate

Textured Full Carbon Brake Track

Road Tubeless Compatible

Resources + Support

Tubeless Installation Instructions
Gluing A Tubular Tire


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5 opiniones

  1. 1 de 1 encontró esta opinión útil

    Fast, light, and impressively durable

    Chad Brumbaugh

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 46-55

    I live in the PNW and every ride comes with lots of climbing, wind, and road debris. The Enve 7.8’s have been better than advertised. I was a little worried to make them my everyday wheels on my sunny day bike as living near the ocean means lots of crosswind, but they have delivered very good stability and exceptional braking. I was very surprised how well the textured brake track performed. It allows me to use the back brake much more on unfamiliar descents. They even stop better than the standard rims on my rain bike. My Canon Speedmax CF SLX came with wheels, but the Enve’s perform much better in my opinion. Put these wheels on your bike, you won’t be sorry.

    (1) (0)

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  2. 2 de 2 encontraron esta opinión útil

    Top set of aero wheels!

    Diana Hassel

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 46-55

    I purchased these about a year ago and they are my go-to wheels for every race where I need an aerodynamic advantage without compromising stability in the crosswinds. They are also bombproof wheels that I sometimes leave in place on my racing bike for training. This is my 3rd set of ENVE wheels over many years, and all remain in excellent shape over years of use. Highly recommended!

    (2) (0)

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  3. 1 de 1 encontró esta opinión útil

    SES 7.8


    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    Some of the fastest and lightest wheels I have used in comparison with other brands. Saving them for those tough workout days or race days is surely an awesome way to boost performance and mental game by adding these to your arsenal!

    (1) (0)

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  4. 1 de 1 encontró esta opinión útil

    Stable and Fast

    Jenna-Caer Seefried

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    I bought the Enve SES 7.8 last year for my triathlon race season. Where I train is consistently windy with gusts and mountain descents, I was impressed with how stable the wheels were even with the depth. It gave me the confidence to race on them in Kona and I had no trouble riding in the Kona wind even as a small female. They are fast and smooth and I couldn’t be happier.

    (1) (0)

    ¿Algo está mal? Gracias por reportarlo. Si puede indicarnos el motivo…

  5. Avatar


    Charlie Brockus

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 56+

    Have been racing on ENVE Wheels for years. Light and fast with very little maintenance needed. Won many age group races on these wheels.

    (0) (0)

    ¿Algo está mal? Gracias por reportarlo. Si puede indicarnos el motivo…




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SES 7.8

Carbon Fiber Wheelset

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