SES Aero Road Handlebar


Un manillar de carretera aerodinámicamente optimizado con las más recientes mejoras para el montaje de transmisiones electrónicas que te permitirá ir más rápido gracias a su estudiada forma reduciendo el área frontal del ciclista.

Ciclistas de carretera y triatletas de distancia corta que buscan la máxima eficiencia aerodinámica.

Tu cuerpo es el principal responsable de la resistencia aerodinámica mientras montas en bici. Para conseguir la mayor ganancia en términos aerodinámicos, lo primero que hay que mirar es la posición del ciclista. El manillar SES Aero Road Bar está probado en túnel de viento, no solo como un manillar muy rápido por sí mismo sino como el que pone al ciclista en la más óptima posición aerodinámica. El SES Aero Road Bar también presenta una geometría compacta, a la vez que ergonómica, y además los tapones ENVE Integrated Bar End Plugs.

El Smart ENVE System (SES) Aero Road Bar está construido al 100% a partir de fibra de carbono unidireccional, y es el más rígido y dirigido a la competición dentro de la línea de manillares de ENVE. El SES Road Bar dispone de guiado interno para el cableado de grupos mecánicos y electrónicos, con lo que ahorran algunos vatios extra. Con el fin de mejorar la integración con los grupos electrónicos el manillar ya prevé el alojamiento de la centralita. La forma del manillar está probada en túnel de viento y con software CFD para obtener la máxima eficiencia aerodinámica. El grueso de la ganancia aerodinámica se consigue situando el cuerpo del ciclista en una posición aerodinámica que se pueda mantener durante largo tiempo sin sacrificar la entrega de potencia al pedalear. La mejora en la posición del ciclista se consigue haciendo la parte alta del manillar más estrecha para que el ciclista lleve una posición más aerodinámica de forma natural. La parte baja es más ancha para mejorar la confianza y libertad de manejo en sprint técnicos, critérium y descensos.


Product Specs

Material Fibra de carbono
Ancho (centro a centro) en parte baja 40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm, 46 cm
Ancho (centro a centro) en manetas 35 cm, 37 cm, 39cm, 41cm
Fondo 79 mm
Altura 127 mm
Diámetro de fijación 31.8
Torque Spec: Face Plate 5.5Nm
Torque Spec: Controls 6Nm-8Nm


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5 opiniones

  1. Avatar

    Attention to Detail

    Tallon Endicott

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 18-25

    One detail of this bar that I greatly appreciate is the added texture where the hoods are to be placed. On my old Zipp bars, this area was left smooth and I had to crank the bolts down to seemingly dangerous levels for my hoods to stop slipping. The texture on this bar, however, means that you do not have to over-tighten and that your hoods will stay securely in place. Beyond this, these bars are just super comfy! I paired them with the aero stem and experience an incredibly smooth ride while also receiving optimal feedback.

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  2. Avatar

    ENVE for the win, bar none!


    How many hours/week do you ride? 0-5

    What is your age bracket? 46-55

    I’ve used many aluminum and carbon bars over the years on personal road builds. Some have been bad and some good. But these Enve Aero Road Bars are the best by far for me. I have them in 40cm (c-c drops), so quite narrow, but I feel more aero as a result. I’m also not a particularly broad shoulder guy. The flat aero tops are great when hands get tired, or when resting forearms for super aero fake tri-bar position. I’ve got my tops wrapped, so while it may not look as cool, it’s quite functional. Using Lizard Skins bartape which is fairly grippy. The slight bar bump behind the lever hoods is also unique and very functional for yet more hand positions. And the drop flare works great for forearm clearance while sprinting in the drops. Also, built with Enve’s aero road stem, and Garmin out front mount off the unique stem. My build is with Campy Record 12 hydro levers. Photo is older, pre-computer mount, and while still tweaking bar and lever angles.

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  3. Avatar

    Comfortable, sleek, fast


    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    Great set of bars, tops are very comfortable, short reach is perfect and the shallow drops with a slight flare are perfect for a long descent. Plus, combining with the clip-on aerobar makes a perfect combination.

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  4. Avatar

    Most Aero of the Aero Bars

    Benjamin Cook

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    If you are looking for that last bit of gains for your bike, this is the pinnacle of Aero bars. The design of this bar trounces the competition, the narrower hoods put you in a more aero position saving them valuable watts. That combined with a regular width drop for cornering and sprint is pure genius.

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  5. Avatar

    My favorite handlebar!

    Johannes Schulmeister

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 46-55

    This was the first product I ever got from Enve and it clearly shaped my view of the brand. The bars have become my favorites and my latest bike got equipped with them too. They are extremely comfortably shaped (I just love both the flat tops for a rest and particularly the angle behind the hoods – which are not a natural spot for me on other bars), plenty stiff and surely come with aero credentials. What’s not to love?
    That the scale shows up a few extra grams vs lightweight options is not a factor for me on these as they do everything so well and I can trust them fully.

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SES Aero Road Handlebar

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