Training Around a Delayed Season

With the 2020 racing season put on hold, everyone is wondering, “What do we do now?” Bike racers around the globe are stuck as they try to figure out just that. Hurdles to overcome include remaining focused, timing training efforts around an unknown event schedule, and maintaining the connection with the sport and your friends. […]

ENVE Everesters – Four Employees Try Their Luck In Reaching 29,029 Feet

Photos by Kevin Day When a challenge is thrown down here at ENVE you can always bet on a handful of us jumping in before ever fully considering what it entails. That was the case when we peer-pressured each other into joining Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up For Good Challenge this past Memorial Day Weekend. Even […]

Tubeless Flat or Puncture – Now What?

Every bike can benefit from a tubeless tire and wheel combination. Road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes all gain improved traction, reduced rolling resistance, and have far less a chance of flatting from trail or road debris when setup tubeless. Nearly every ENVE wheelset is designed to be setup tubeless to benefit from the […]

BWR Winner And Coach Brian McCulloch Shares His Everesting How-To

When Brian McCulloch reflects back on some of the biggest days he’s had on a bike, which includes racing in the Tour of Utah, Tour of Taiwan, Unbound (Formerly DK200), and winning the Belgian Waffle Ride in 2018, none of them quite match what he’s set his sights on in the coming days as part […]

Finding Everest In Colorado — Sam Long Takes On The Giant

Photos by Kenny Withrow Everesting has become all the rage over the past handful of weeks as everyone looks to turn their hard-earned fitness into something quantifiable now that the spring and summer events have all but disappeared. Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up Challenge over Memorial Day Weekend is helping inspire a large number of cyclists to push […]

The Giddy Up Challenge: Rebecca Rusch Outlines Her Plan For Everesting

Rebecca Rusch has had some incredibly challenging days on the bike considering she’s done Alaska’s Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 the past two years, ridden the Blood Road in Vietnam, not to mention winning Leadville 100 and Unbound (Formerly DK200) on numerous occasions. Through her own sporting journey, Rebecca knows the importance of having a goal […]

Bike Check Kale Keltz’s Aspero

Earlier this year in January, we took a trip down to Scottsdale, Arizona to ride desert gravel. From the legendary McDowell Preservation trails that seem to wind around forever, to the long and flat canal paths that stretch out across the desert, we were impressed with the variety and quality of terrain – and of […]

A Month In Mexico — Sam Schultz’s Dream Vacation

Former Olympic cross-country mountain biker Sam Schultz doesn’t worry so much about his watts-per-kilogram or power numbers at this point in life. He’s more about enjoying time on his local trails of Missoula, Montana, or during the winter, looking for warmer riding destinations. Just before the entire world locked down, Sam and his girlfriend headed […]

Shop Check – The Service Course

Each week we are showcasing an ENVE dealer that sets themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate, the service provided to the community, and how they’ve created a loyal following of core cyclists. The collection of shops from all over the globe each have their own unique vision for what creates the best […]

Gravel Questions and Answers

Have a question about gravel? A few months back, ENVE participated in Bikerumor’s AASQ (Ask a Stupid Question) series and we think many of you might be interested in reading the responses to questions about gravel you’ve likely had yourselves. Overwhelmingly, the questions were related to aerodynamics, hookless, wheel/tire fitment, and ENVE R&D. It seems […]

Joey Schusler Bike Check

Joey Schusler is steadily becoming synonymous with mountain-bike-packing. His truly epic film endeavors have taken him all over the world to meet great mountain bikers and ride trails that most of us can only dream about.  With the growing segment of gravel, however, and it’s many forms – Schusler jumped in with his own unique […]

On The Clock with the AM30

The adage ‘time is money’ takes on a whole new meaning for the time-crunched rider on a budget. As dedicated non-professional riders, we spend the majority of our time earning the dollars that feed the habit. As important as our careers and the income they generate are, our passion for life is fueled by the […]