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Images: Andy Chasteen For Noah Collins, there was no better pairing for his Allied Able than a set of SES 3.4 AR wheels. The endurance sports coach from Colorado Springs chose the US-made frame and wheelset for a broad mix of events this season, ranging from fast road racing, to the smooth gravel of SBT, […]


Photos by Michiel Maas When people think of The Netherlands, it usually drums up visions of water-filled canals, windswept sand dunes, and a flat landscape dotted with cute little towns and windmills. With a closer look, you will find tucked in this landscape a vast network of farm and forest roads with endless bike paths […]


Titanium is not a particularly rare material. Odds are you’re titanium adjacent right now. As the ninth-most abundant element on earth it’s found in everything from cell phones to white paint, and, much like paint, it takes an artist to bring a seemingly ordinary medium to life. History: Small Town, A Mountain of Possibility Moots […]

Do I have to Use ENVE Rim Tape and the Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut?

The short answer is YES. Not using ENVE Tape, Valve / Pressure Relief Nut can cause damage and frustration when using ENVE’s Tubeless System. From the beginning, ENVE has been a proponent of tubeless rim and tire technologies. We believe in the benefits of tubeless, namely, the ability to achieve optimal traction through lower tire […]


Images: Maurizio Borserini The partnership between ENVE and EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team is set to continue through the 2023 season. So much was achieved in the Italian-registered, Spanish-based team’s first professional season with major successes at the Giro d’Italia, the team’s first-ever Grand Tour. The roots of EOLO-KOMETA lie with the Contador Foundation, which has built […]

ENVE’s First Shuttle Party

Last week ENVE invited the public out for an end-of-season outing on the famous Wasatch Crest trail in Park City, Utah, and picked up the shuttle tab. The Crest starts from the top of Guardsman Pass, which sits between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Park City Mountain Resort. It follows the ridgeline (or crest) down 1400 […]

BWR Cedar City – What Worked & What Didn’t

The third and final round of the Belgian Waffle Ride Triple Crown of Gravel meant trading the skinny tires of BWR San Diego for meaty rubber and a true gravel setup to tackle the high desert terrain of Cedar City, Utah. Athletes were challenged with rocky singletrack, chunky dirt roads, and altitude over the 130 […]

ENVE & Scicon Sports Partner on the Custom Road

With the introduction of the Custom Road, we teamed up with Scicon Sports to provide all of our customers who purchase a chassis, rolling chassis, or complete bike, a complimentary Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike travel bag.  This is our first collaboration with Scicon Sports, an industry leading travel bag manufacturer that shares our […]

BWR Cedar City Tips From ENVE Pros

The Belgian Waffle Ride heads to Cedar City, Utah, for round three of the four race series. As one of the only major events to happen in 2020, BWR Cedar City became the first BWR held outside of San Diego and helped lay the foundation for adding rounds in Asheville, North Carolina, and Lawrence, Kansas this […]

The Inaugural Wasatch All-Road

Utah has a brand new gravel event called the Wasatch All-Road and it brought a challenge like few other events on the calendar. Due to the event’s location in Heber City, which is nestled between the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, there was no way of getting around anything but a climb-heavy day in the saddle […]

The Last Best Ride – Montana’s Hidden Gravel Race

Photos and Words by Ian Matteson Montana’s nickname is “The Last Best Place” and living up to its name The Last Best Ride is likely to be one of the most sought after races due to the area’s appeal and the fact it’s limited to between four-to-five-hundred entries per year. This year marked the inaugural […]

Coleman’s Kavenz VHP16 Bike Check

Photos by Mike Swim There comes a time in every rider’s life where they get to build their dream bike. ENVE marketing employee Coleman Edwards found his chance after ordering a custom-built Kavenz VHP16 frame earlier this year.  The German design uses a Virtual High Pivot suspension design and offers custom geometry from the manufacturer.  […]