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Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City – Athlete Bike Checks

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost of any major event being held in the U.S. this year, the BWR Cedar City showed that with extensive COVID-19 measures in place an event could go forward. With nothing else on the calendar, it successfully pulled in cyclists of all disciplines looking for an opportunity […]

Shop Check – Bicycle HaÜs

We are regularly showcasing ENVE dealers that set themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate and the service they provide. The collection of shops we’re featuring each have their own unique vision for what creates the best resource for the cycling community.We are regularly showcasing ENVE dealers that set themselves apart through the […]

How ENVE Became the First Carbon Wheel to Win in Downhill The History of ENVE’s Winning Record

Photos by Dave Trumpore The year was 2010, and the 26” wheels on the downhill bikes at the UCI World Cup were only made of one thing: aluminum. Alloy was acceptably light, strong and reliable, so why change? At this time, carbon was just going mainstream on the road, and though it could be seen on […]

Downhill Legend Brendan Fairclough Switches to Enduro, XC and DIY Freeride in 2020

Brendog is anything but ordinary. Also known as Brendan Fairclough, he holds podiums in UCI Downhill, Crankworx Downhill and Slalom, and has top finishes in Red Bull Rampage. He’s a man of ample skill on two wheels. With this year’s many event cancellations, 2020 has been a unique year for him. He’s had the opportunity to branch […]

Commencal/Muc-Off’s Custom Bikes For The World Championships

Myriam Nicole heads into this weekend’s World Championships in Leogang, Austria with a target on her back as the outright favorite. After coming back from a nearly season-ending injury last year, she pulled on the Rainbow Jersey at Mont-Sainte-Anne and isn’t prepared to give it up any time soon.  Myriam will be joined by Commencal/Muc-Off team members […]

ENVE Wins at French Downhill Cup

Photos by Keno Derleyn For the past few years, the French have dominated the Downhill World Cup series, with ENVE’s own riders contending for the podium in the major divisions. It was no surprise then that the French Cup had some of the most intense racing of the year. ENVE’s showing was impressive, with the Commencal/Muc-Off […]

A Three-Day Journey To Colorado Citizenship

Alexey Vermeulen grew up as a road racer, having spent three years on the BMC Development Team followed by two years at the World Tour level on Lotto-Jumbo. He then decided to change course and hit the dirt full time. This year’s racing hasn’t exactly panned out the way he anticipated, but how Alexey sees […]

Go West, Young Man

With the Great Salt Lake to our west, and the Wasatch Mountains to our east, it would seem that the riding around ENVE’s headquarters in Ogden, Utah, would be fairly well defined. All it took was a pandemic and the desire to explore somewhere new to unlock a ride that was hidden in plain sight. […]

Ben Goes For The Long Bomb

Over the past year, Ben Hoffman finished 4th at Ironman World Championships, entered fatherhood, and now finds himself with nothing but time as the hope of competition in 2020 fades away. Fortunately, Ben likes to ride his bike. Actually, he loves to ride his bike. Time away from the triathlon scene means he’s been able […]

Everything You Need to Know About The ENVE SES Tires

We asked the hard questions about tire performance and spent years in testing, research, and development for the ENVE SES Tires. What makes a tire aerodynamic, what makes a tire tubeless compatible, how can we balance performance and durability, and how do we define hookless compatible tires? Check out our video to learn more.

Explore the BWR Cedar City Course
A Challenge Worthy Of The BWR Moniker

In what will be the first major gravel event since March, the Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City is set to roll out on October 17th. With this being the inaugural event, what lurks in the Southern Utah desert is somewhat unknown. What size tires do I need, how hard are the climbs, and should I go for […]

Downhill Champion Amaury Pierron’s
Rollercoaster of a Season

The year 2020 has been a challenge for the whole world, flipping business, travel, and sports on their heads. Racing has been largely postponed and canceled, leaving athletes with extra time for different projects. ENVE athlete Amaury Pierron has released a handful of exciting videos over the summer, despite injuries and travel restrictions.  His mind-melting […]