SES 3.4 AR Disc


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The SES 3.4 AR is a truly modern road wheel, offering an aerodynamic advantage over the competition for riders who prefer the benefits of 28-32mm tires.

Please review product tire compatibility here.

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SES 3.4 AR Disc

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The SES 3.4 AR is the embodiment of the modern disc brake only road wheelset. Aerodynamically optimized for high volume tires (28-32mm), lightweight for long days in the mountains, high volume for all roads, and arguably the most versatile wheelset we’ve ever made.

In 2016 we launched the SES 4.5 AR a wheelset ahead of its time. Since then, road riders, frame manufacturers, and tire makers have all caught the high volume vision which has propelled the one of its kind 4.5 AR to be our most popular selling wheel in North America where the high volume all road movement has gained the most traction. As more bikes are created that can accommodate tire clearances up to 32mm, we saw the need to create a more versatile, climber friendly SES AR wheelset and the SES 3.4 AR was born.

• Real world aerodynamics, optimized around 28mm to 32mm tubeless tires
• Wide Hookless Bead Anti-Pinch Flat Technology
• Disc brake specific materials and construction
• Low weight leader in category
• Tubeless only design – Hookless beads

Full Details

The SES 3.4 AR is the definitive modern road wheelset and is aerodynamically optimized to maximize drag reduction when paired with high volume 28mm to 32mm tubeless compatible road tires. While frontal area is increased slightly with these wider tires, the coefficient of rolling resistance is reduced to a level that more than counteracts the losses in aero efficiency due to the dimensions of the wheel and tire combination. Like all SES wheelsets, the SES 3.4 AR is developed on a foundation of real world performance and was optimized at speeds as low as 20mph/32kph to ensure aero efficiencies are attained by riders of all abilities. The SES 3.4 AR features a full carbon fiber disc brake specific construction to maximize weight savings, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking an adept climbing wheel. Consequently, the SES 3.4 AR is the lightest road wheel on the market in its category. Given the wheel’s intent for mountain and mixed surface riding on high volume tires, riders who seek more confidence when descending technical mountain descents will find their solution in the SES 3.4 AR. The additional tire volume means more traction that inspires confidence over the most variable road surfaces. To further ensure mixed and allroad performance, the SES 3.4 AR has been optimized for road tubeless performance and features a hookless bead design that allows for the precise rim dimensions required to achieve the best tubeless performance. To further tubeless tire and rim reliability, the full carbon wheelset features ENVE’s patent pending Wide Hookless Bead which is a design element at the leading edge of the rim that provides a surface that when impacted, will reduce the likelihood of pinch flatting a tubeless tire. With these features, and an internal rim width of 25mm the SES 3.4 AR may also be used with tires greater than 32mm and ridden in mixed surface road events like the Belgian Waffle Ride or even gravel events such as Dirty Kanza when aerodynamics are prioritized.

To better serve you we’ve created a page to stay up to date with tire compatibility. See all compatible tire models here.

Tubeless Kit:
-2x valve stems
-1x roll of tape (good for taping 3 wheels)
-2x Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nuts

Skewers 100/135mm (QR only)

Accessory Bag

Wheel Manual

Wheelbuild Card

Product Specs

Clincher Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 387g 394g 781g
ENVE Alloy Disc CL 643g 774g 1417g
i9 Torch Classic CL 626g 773g 1399g
King R45 CL 657g 780g 1436g
Rim Specs Front Rear
Depth 39mm 43mm
Internal Width 25mm 25mm
External Width 32mm 32mm
Hole Count 24 24
Effective Rim Diameter 578 571
Aero Optimized Tire Size (ONLY TUBELESS-READY TIRES MAY BE USED ON THESE RIMS) 28c-32c 28c-32c
Spoke Information* Front Length (NDS/DS) Rear Length (NDS/DS) Spoke Cross
ENVE Alloy CL 280mm / 282mm 278mm / 276mm 2X
i9 Torch Classic CL 280mm / 282mm 278mm / 272mm 2X
Chris King R45 CL 276mm / 276mm 274mm / 272mm 2X
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes.


SES AR Rim Shape


Wide Hookless Bead


Disc Brake Specific Construction


Road Tubeless Optimized


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6 recensioni

  1. Avatar

    AS I Whisper On your left...

    Voltaire Cao

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    Let’s just say I had been more than satisfied and utterly impressed with this pair of wheels. I had the opportunity to build an epic steed to add to the quiver to be my all around bike. A collab with Giant I picked up a 2020 Giant TCR SL0 disc SRAM AXS Etap in the exclusive chameleon green. Living up to the TCR’s racing heritage I fitted a pair of Enve 3.4 AR’s with Enve hubs. These wheels absolutely fly and climb all at the same time. I run the Vittoria Corsa Speed 28mm tubeless tires. Intrigued by the AR line I am now believer of the technology of its recommended softer pressure (65 psi), a wider hookless bead, and its aero/climbing potential. These wheels really do it all. I’ve ridden the bike for 7 months and its an absolute dream. I haven’t had a flat since the day I mounted them on the bike. It climbs like a goat and descends and holds the flats with confidence just wanting more. With several discussions with Enve Tech (Shelby) he gave me the history and R & D that went into the Enve Alloy Hubs. Simply explaining that it took the best features of the two benchmark hub brands I wanted to give it a try. I have been impressed. It rolls , it rolls , with the best of them. It simply competes in any elite group ride with the popular competitive brands but backed by the Enve Warranty for piece of mind I am satisfied. It’s aero, fast, light, comfortable and soooo versatile. With a 25mm inner width rim I can put up to a 45mm gravel/ 2.1 tire. That’s crazy!!!I did wish that the hub free wheel sound was a little louder as I whisper “On your left”… You guys nailed it! Thank you.

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  2. Avatar

    Solid choice for a quiver-killer

    Aaron Casey

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 26-35

    I purchased the 3.4AR disc wheels with I9 hubs in 2018 after I rode my fiancee’s ENVE’s a little racing the season before. I needed a wheelset primarily for the DK200, and bonus points if it would do well outside of that. I’ve effectively ridden these wheels for a year and a half every day, and I am super impressed with them. They have been smashed on mountain bike trails where I’ve folded aluminum rims, they raced the DK200, and SBT gravel, as well as doing tons of training miles for both of those events. Like another set of ENVEs I worked on in a previous life as a bike mechanic, these are straight as an arrow with no maintenance. Every new tire that I have installed on these rims has setup tubeless with a floor pump, and no extra hassle.

    I purchased a competitor’s product about three months ago and have already had the front wheel replaced for a quality issue, and the replacement wheel needed to be trued out of the box. The rear wheel, after significantly less use also needs some time with the spoke wrench.

    The single, solitary downside to the AR wheels has been the tire choice. Of course, that said ENVE is obviously putting in the work testing as the list gets longer every week, so that shouldn’t be much of a turn off anymore!

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  3. Avatar

    Beautiful Wheels!

    Michael McClure

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 46-55

    Scored a pair of these for my “all road” bike this season after LOVING the ride of my “regular” SES 3.4 Discs that I got last season. The same solid feel, the same lightweight aero benefits as the SES 3.4’s, but the wider rim provides a more solid feeling platform when running larger tires. Dressed mine up with Schwalbe G-One’s in a 35c and although have only been out on a few rides, this combo feels like it will be the perfect wheel set for some of the longer adventures I have planned for this season…

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  4. Avatar

    Lives up to best "all-round" wheelset and more...

    Elliott Nolan

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 36-45

    I ran the rim brake SES 3.4 enve wheels for years on road and loved them, but these new 3.4AR’s are a total game-changer. They have just the right amount of aero without you getting blown around and the handling that was already great was taken to new levels. The wider rim and tires make such a difference in ride quality (I run 50-55 PSI now with 28’s and weigh 150lbs). The ability to throw gravel tires on for epic gravel rides and races is not something I would have considered in my old road-mentality but absolutely something I do with these wheels. You can truly ride them everyday and in all conditions. You won’t be disappointed with this wheelset!

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  5. Avatar

    Phenomenal all around wheel

    Scott Huntley

    How many hours/week do you ride? 6-15

    What is your age bracket? 46-55

    I purchased these wheels as a combo road/gravel wheel set. They have delivered all that I would expect. Super fast on the road. Chris King hubs don’t disappoint either. Love my ENVE’s!

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SES 3.4 AR Disc

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