With the launch of the current generation of M Series carbon mountain wheels, we brought to market a host of performance upgrades that further refined each M Series model for its intended application. These improvements are highlighted by reduced weight, more compliance, increased durability, and application specific anti-flat technologies.

With more than a year’s worth of time and real world experience on the new M Series, we reached out to you, the M Series customer to see how things are going and if we are delivering on the M Series promise.

Here’s what stands out:

Which M Series wheel model(s) did you purchase?

  • The majority of you love lightweight wheels as indicated by the fact that 57% of you are riding our two lightest wheel models – the M525 and M630. Also house favorites. We are stoked to see this as the M525 is the result of over 10 years of XC wheel refinement to deliver the ultimate XC race wheelset.
  • Given the relatively small size of the Enduro/DH market when compared to XC/Trail, we are excited to see that 30% of you are riding an M7 and in some cases M9 wheelset that features the industry’s only true pinch-flat eliminating rim technology that we refer to as the Protective Rim strip.

Why did you decide to purchase an ENVE M Series wheelset?

  • Seeing that your most common reason to buy was for ENVE’s reputation for performance and unique technologies is humbling and not something we take for granted. We appreciate your loyalty and it is our goal and mission to continue to build upon your expectations.
  • If you love ENVE, thank your local dealer. If your friend isn’t riding ENVE, let them know how awesome your ENVE product is and where they can demo and purchase, they deserve a better ride experience.

My M Series wheels have allowed me to ride:

  • The promise of the latest M Series was a “Ride Without Limitations”, and at its core is the concept of confidence. 73% of you are riding with more confidence that ever before. How cool is that! In our minds that is 76% more of you are progressing in the sport we love.
  • For those of you riding at the same or lower level of confidence as before. We have some suggestions.
    • Consider lowering your tire pressure, especially if you’ve recently “sized up” in tire volume, say moving from a 2.3 to a 2.5… When you increase volume, you need to lower pressure. Lower pressure will allow for a smoother, faster ride defined by improved cornering, climbing, and braking traction.
    • If you have questions, feel free to contact our customer service team who would be happy to learn more about your setup and ride experience.

Number of flat tires compared to your previous wheelset:

  • 67% of you have experienced “Some Reduction” to a “Dramatic Reduction” in flat tires since installing your new M Series wheelset. Given that most of you are on M5 or M6 Series wheels, this is nothing short of impressive. The M5 and M6 Series feature what we call “Wide Hookless Bead Technology” which is a light weight anti-flat solution. In our lab testing we see a 50% improvement in pinch flat protection over a traditional straight-sidewall hookless bead design.
  • We are encouraged and humbled to know that 95% of you will consider ENVE for your next purchase and that the vast majority of you wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ENVE to your friends.
  • For those of you on the fence or unhappy with the value your ENVE product has delivered to your ride experience, we’d love to hear from you. Our goal is constant improvement and we pursue perfection on a daily basis. Your feedback for better or worse is one of the many drivers that will help us to be better in the future.

Thanks for riding ENVE – Enjoy the ride!

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