Steve Peat competition winner’s custom Santa Cruz revealed

Images by Geoff Waugh Matt, when did you hear that you had won the bike and where were you at the time? Back at the end of October I got an email and didn’t really believe it. Then Ian from ENVE called me to confirm it. I had to run out into the garden to […]

Sami Sauri Takes on the Red Hook Crit Series

Photos: Chiara Redaschi Intense. That’s the only word for the Red Hook Crits. Races are held on tight city circuits, riding track bikes with fixed gears and no brakes, and it’s flat out all the way. Even if you have the legs there’s little room to pass and crashes are commonplace. No other form of road […]

The Infamous 200 Mile Gravel Race | The DK200

Written by Neil Shirley Riding 200 miles in a single day, on a bicycle, is a very, very long way. Milan-San Remo and Liege-Bastogne-Liege, two of the highest-level professional races in the world, are only 185 and 160 miles, respectively. So what would motivate someone to ride 200 miles….actually, even worse, 200 miles on gravel? […]

DREAM BIKE GIVEAWAY WINNER & ENVE Builder of the Year Winner

We have a winner! Congratulations to Emmanuel Foret for winning a builder bike of their dreams! Emmanuel, enjoy your soon to be custom frame and complete ENVE build on the bike builder of your choice. Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned to our social media platforms for the latest from ENVE and the chance to […]

Why Road Tubeless is Here to Stay

If you’re an avid mountain biker, you’re familiar with the value added benefits of tubeless rim and tire technology. However, did you know that road tubeless tire technology has been around for nearly a decade? In fact, road tubeless technology was first introduced to the aftermarket in 2006 when Shimano and Hutchinson collaborated to develop […]

New ENVE Products of 2015

At ENVE we are driven to innovate products that deliver more confidence, speed, strength and reliability to your ride experience. Here’s an innovation report from 2015: Carbon ROad HUB The ENVE Road Hub is the pinnacle of hub technology; it is lightweight, durable and provides another piece of the puzzle in producing the best wheels […]

Is wider always better?

With the whole “wide wheel” craze seemingly erupting all around us in the media and the popular forums, we asked our engineers, from a scientific perspective: Is wider always better? Let’s knock out a couple of myths about wide wheels. Myth #1 – Running a wider rim increases effective tread. Maxxis High Roller II Geometry As you […]

Reducing Tradeoffs – The SES 4.5

The Smart ENVE System 4.5 (SES 4.5) ushers in the next generation of in-frame aero wheel development. Featuring a new shape and refined structure, the SES 4.5 reduces the trade-offs between drag reduction and stability, stiffness and weight, comfort and durability more than any other ENVE wheelset to date. New SES Shape = More Speed […]

Friday Bike Porn : Builder Bikes

Kicking off the 3-day weekend with some bike porn from a collection of truly talented builders. For more images and details checkout the ENVE Builders.

Endurance Race Nutrition by Allen Lim

By Allen Lim, P.hD and Founder of Skratch Labs At Skratch Labs, we believe in taking complex things and making them simple, rather than taking simple things and making them complex. So instead of relying on pre-packaged products with a lot of pseudo-science claims, we encourage athletes to start with a foundation of real food […]