ENVE Road Wheel Innovations

Over the past several months there have been a number of brands introducing new wheel models featuring technology we can totally get behind. Features such as road tubeless compatibility, dissimilar rim shapes from front to back, hookless rim beads, anti-pinch flat, and wider internal rim widths for high volume road tires are now standard on […]

How To: Tape Your Handlebars Like A Pro

Victor Campenaerts isn’t only the current UCI Hour Record holder, he’s also quickly approaching star status on YouTube. Since the Covid-19 lockdown, Victor has been creating videos on time trialing, training, and even bike maintenance. Along with his NTT Pro Cycling team mechanic, Kevin Suarez, the two show the “pro way” to wrap a handlebar. […]

Tubeless Flat or Puncture – Now What?

Every bike can benefit from a tubeless tire and wheel combination. Road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes all gain improved traction, reduced rolling resistance, and have far less a chance of flatting from trail or road debris when setup tubeless. Nearly every ENVE wheelset is designed to be setup tubeless to benefit from the […]

Gravel Questions and Answers

Have a question about gravel? A few months back, ENVE participated in Bikerumor’s AASQ (Ask a Stupid Question) series and we think many of you might be interested in reading the responses to questions about gravel you’ve likely had yourselves. Overwhelmingly, the questions were related to aerodynamics, hookless, wheel/tire fitment, and ENVE R&D. It seems […]

On The Clock with the AM30

The adage ‘time is money’ takes on a whole new meaning for the time-crunched rider on a budget. As dedicated non-professional riders, we spend the majority of our time earning the dollars that feed the habit. As important as our careers and the income they generate are, our passion for life is fueled by the […]

Brendog and Amaury Pierron Blast Through South Africa

In the third installation of his video series “A Dog’s Life”, Brendog, AKA Brendan Fairclough, takes us to South Africa, where he rides with World Cup Downhill Champion Amaury Pierron. The pace of these two ENVE athletes together on the same track is hard to believe. Amaury, the 2018 UCI DH overall points winner, is described by Brendog […]

1166 Prototypes – The M Series

If that number seems extreme or exaggerated to you, you’re not alone, we think that it sounded like a lot as well when our manufacturing team shared this data. At ENVE, every rim we manufacture has an accompanying “Traveler.” Think of a Traveler as a rim’s genealogy and birth certificate. Each rim has one and […]

G23 vs SES 3.4 AR

What’s The Right Wheel For Me? G23 and SES 3.4 AR Go Head To Head One of the things we pride ourselves on at ENVE is the fact that we produce a vast number of purpose-built wheels to deliver key features for specific customer riding needs. Some might think we’re splitting hairs between some of […]

Maximum Tire Pressure – What It Means

Inflation and tire pressure are hot topics for cyclists of all categories. Mountain bikers led the charge with their quick adoption of tubeless systems for better air retention, lower tire pressures for greater traction, confidence, and speed. Meanwhile, gravel and road cyclists are quickly following suit. Finding the ideal tire pressure for you and the […]

Tubeless Refresh – Replace Your Valve Cores

Tubeless tire setups on mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and even road bikes have helped to improve your ride while at the same time solving some of the flat tire issues that cyclists have faced over the years. For instance, a good tubeless setup can keep you rolling, even when pesky thorns, debris, and pinch flats […]