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Behind the Product: Air Pressure Station

ENVE’s mission is to deliver a better ride experience through science and insight. ENVE delivers on this promise by painstakingly prototyping, testing, and refining our products to meet the objectives of their design. After more than a decade of disruptive wheel innovation, one thing hasn’t changed – riding the right tire pressure is critical to […]

The Hookless Bead,
How it Works, and Who They’re For

If you’re reading this article, there’s a high probability you already own a pair of wheels featuring a hookless straight sidewall rim design or you are currently shopping for some and trying to figure out what to buy. If you haven’t bought a new wheelset in some time, you’re likely wondering where all the hook-beads […]

Behind The Product: ENVE Handlebar Tape

Touch-points are an important part of any bike build. They dictate how comfortable and confident we are on that bike. While we won’t deny that aesthetics drive most on their decision in choosing the bar tape, there are certain functions it must also perform well. Creating handlebar tape that matched the thought put into creating […]

From Utah to France – The Person
and Pride Behind our SES Disc

As the riders of the Tour de France race across France, vying for the coveted jerseys and stage wins over the course of three weeks in July, we watch their tremendous feats of athleticism on lightweight bicycles and top of the line parts. During the Time Trials, we see F1 tier engineering and aerodynamics that […]

U.S. Made By Choice

We proudly manufacture 100% of our carbon fiber wheel products in Ogden, Utah. That’s something that we’ve maintained since day one, going back to our founding more than 12 years ago, and we’re proud to be one of the few cycling brands to have U.S. carbon manufacturing. There are a number of reasons why U.S. […]

Freehubs Explained: What are XDR and Micro Spline?

XDR, XD, Micro Spline, Shimano HG, Campagnolo – there are nearly more drivetrain and freehub possibilities than can be counted on one hand. As drivetrain options continue to evolve and expand, these different configurations only become more confusing. In navigating the myriad of options, it’s important to identify what the right option is for your […]

M Series – What You’re Saying

With the launch of the current generation of M Series carbon mountain wheels, we brought to market a host of performance upgrades that further refined each M Series model for its intended application. These improvements are highlighted by reduced weight, more compliance, increased durability, and application specific anti-flat technologies. With more than a year’s worth […]

Behind the Product: Smart ENVE System AR

As the day progressed, and our wheels exceeded expectations of resilience and durability, our focus turned to the minutiae – tire pressures, lacing patterns, whether sealant should be used or not, and aerodynamics. When considering the reality that to achieve any level of confidence and comfort over the cobbles, one must run a larger volume […]

Behind The Product: Alloy Road Hubs

ENVE’s mission is to create a better ride experience for you and we do this by combining the science of engineering with insight gleaned from the saddle. What appears at first glance to merely be some creative machining for aesthetic purposes is actually the byproduct of striking a refined balance between flange geometry and weight […]

Behind the Product: Pressure
Relief Valve Stem Nut

Please don’t hesitate to read through our installation instructions, watch the video, and/or reach out to us directly if you’d like more information on this product and your road tubeless setup. Tubeless technology has proven itself reliable and safe within the mountain bike world. While it’s been slower to gain traction in the road bike […]