Behind the Product: Pressure
Relief Valve Stem Nut

Please don’t hesitate to read through our installation instructions, watch the video, and/or reach out to us directly if you’d like more information on this product and your road tubeless setup. Tubeless technology has proven itself reliable and safe within the mountain bike world. While it’s been slower to gain traction in the road bike […]

How to Setup a Tubeless Road Tire

STEPS TO INSTALL A TUBELESS ROAD TIRE Clean the inside of the rim channel with a rag and a little acetone or isopropyl alcohol. Take the time to clean the rim thoroughly in order to ensure proper tape adhesion and seal.Once cleaned, start to apply the tape 1 ½ spoke holes behind the valve hole.

Behind The Product: G Series Gravel Handlebar

In addition to the G23 and G27 gravel wheels, the G Series family includes the G Series Gravel Handlebar, a full-carbon purpose-built drop bar for dedicated gravel riders. Since the handlebar transmits direct feedback to and from the rider, it plays a critical role in not only the handling of the bike but also ride quality. […]

Behind The Product: M685

This winter, we expanded the M Series mountain line even further – or wider – 85 millimeters wide, to be exact. For years we’ve been working on ideas for our fat bikes, and have heard the many requests from our most faithful fat bike friends. A rim that followed our mountain wheel ethos, but provided […]

Behind The Product: ENVE Carbon Road Hub

For over a decade, ENVE has focused its carbon expertise on crafted carbon rims, and partnered with the industry’s most reputable hub manufactures to bring them to life – delivering a better ride experience to performance oriented road riders around the globe. The introduction of the all new redesigned Carbon Road Hub solidifies ENVE’s transformation […]

What’s With the Internal Nipples?

So what’s the deal with those internal nipples? This is a question we hear from our customers on a regular basis. To explain ENVE’s use of internal nipples, it is first important to understand how we arrived at the decision to produce rims that utilize internal spoke nipples. Since day one, our goal at ENVE […]

How The SES Aero Road Stem Can Make You Faster

Most riders appreciate that your stem does more than merely connect your handlebar and fork steerer – its strength, vibration damping, and torsional rigidity all contribute quietly yet significantly to your overall ride experience. But the right stem can also make you faster. The ENVE SES Aero Road Stem has been engineered to do that […]

How To Choose Your ENVE M Series Handlebar

From XC to Trail, Enduro and Downhill, the new line of M Series handlebars is precisely engineered to deliver the very best ride quality for the type of riding that you do, giving you real options and real confidence. In parallel with our M Series wheel line, the handlebars are split into Trail and Gravity […]

Demo Tape: SES 3.4

What’s it like to finally experience a ride on your dream set of ENVE wheels? In this series, we give a rider the chance to try out their pick of our line, in their own bike and on their preferred terrain. Then, the moment they unclip, we shove a voice recorder under their nose and […]