Real World Fast

There is more to aero than the wind tunnel. While unquestionably the best tool for measuring and understanding aerodynamic performance, the ultimate goal is speed on the road not in the tunnel. The road is a ‘dynamic environment’; even without gusts the wind you meet (known as ‘apparent wind’, the net result of bike speed […]

-Demo Tape-
SES 7.8

What’s it like to finally experience a ride on your dream set of ENVE wheels? In the first of a new series, we’re giving a rider the chance to try out their pick of our line, in their own bike and on their preferred terrain. Then, the moment they unclip, we shove a voice recorder […]

Chasing Rainbows

Words: Jamie Wilkins Photos: Sportograf Images The UCI Gran Fondo World Championship is pitched as the pinnacle of amateur competition and, as we discovered when we raced it back in August, in Albi, France, it does not disappoint. It has a gravitas that goes beyond the sheer scale – 3000 riders from 56 countries – and […]

Inside Dimension Data’s Team Cars

The team car is like a magician’s hat or Mary Poppins’s handbag, you can reach in and pull out just about whatever you need. There’s no magic to it, of course; it’s all down to preparation. At the Tour de France we poked around Team Dimension Data’s cars to see exactly what goes into them. […]

Historic Utah ride with MAAP

Utah offers a wide spectrum of landscapes and geography. Because of this diversity, it’s host to many landmarks – through historic moments and modern art. The ride to Northern Utah provides a glimpse into all of these parts of Utah. Gravel roads, mountain-ridges, The Great Salt Lake, Golden Spike, and Spiral Jetty, just to name […]

Matt Bottrill – Bike Check

Words by Matt Bottrill I’ve been an ENVE test pilot since the collaboration of Simon Smart and ENVE started working together. What I love about the brand is how they’re always trying to advanced the product not just through aerodynamics but also how the wheel handles and feels. I’ve used the wheels to help me […]

Mark Cavendish’s Special Tour Bike

“It’s really cool, I love it,” says Mark Cavendish, in just six words making months of work worthwhile many times over. Elevating both performance and aesthetics in equal measure, Cav’s bike is the result of an exciting collaboration between Team Dimension Data’s technical partners and Silverstone Paint Technology in the UK, a specialist firm serving […]

Sami Sauri Takes on the Red Hook Crit Series

Photos: Chiara Redaschi Intense. That’s the only word for the Red Hook Crits. Races are held on tight city circuits, riding track bikes with fixed gears and no brakes, and it’s flat out all the way. Even if you have the legs there’s little room to pass and crashes are commonplace. No other form of road […]

The Rebirth of Our Best Selling Wheelset
the SES 3.4 visits Girona Spain

Photos: Augustus Farmer Nestled in the northern part of Catalunya, Griona has long been home base for an ever growing number of pro cyclists. Even a couple World Pro Tour teams have setup their service courses here. The milder climate and plentiful sunshine make for the ideal training conditions during the cold months of the year. The […]

Lost Coast with Sportful Adventure Squad

Words: Remi McManus Photos: Joel Sunderland and Justin Balog That was how the terrain of the Lost Coast was described to us by a friendly, elderly woman on the plane as we flew into the small but accessible airport in Eureka, CA. Rugged has since come to describe, and define, not only this trip and […]