Creative dissatisfaction. That’s the origin of the Mosaic Cycles enterprise, one born from a desire to see a bike transformed into an engine for self-expression, personal achievement and years of amazing miles. Founder Aaron Barcheck imagined as a child, planned as a teen and then gained competence from active apprenticeship in his twenties. Elevating his skills to the level of Master Builder as a frame maker, Aaron diligently prepared to make his vision relevant to a new generation of riders. Not coincidentally, there’s a value story embedded in this journey to excellence.

Much like the legacy makers of fine timepieces, motor vehicles and precision hand tools, the enduring sensibilities of Aaron’s vision demanded an alternative philosophy. Objects that precisely obey without being dainty or delicate. Mechanisms that rebuff the natural elements, continued use and the expectations of demanding owners. Design aesthetics which command attention by virtue of their striking simplicity. These are the three attributes upon which Mosaic Bespoke Bicycle was imagined.

Mosaic Cycles
1001 Lee Hill Drive #3B
Boulder, Colorado 80302

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Preferred Products

Road Stem
$265.00 옵션 선택
Road Fork Rim Brake
$387.00~$427.00 옵션 선택
Seatpost 400mm
$275.00 옵션 선택
SES 4.5
매일 라이딩할 수 있는 최고의 탄소섬유 사이클링 휠셋이며 팀 MTN – 큐베카의 선택…
옵션 선택

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