Over the years Signal has collected awards, been featured in significant press, and directed unique design commissions and collaborations. Signal won the “Best City Bike” award at the 2011 North American Handbuilt Bike Show. In 2011 Signal joined forces with global industrial design firm, Ziba, to create the “ultimate utility bike” for the Oregon Manifest challenge. The entire six month collaboration was chronicled on the design super site Core 77. In 2012, women’s fashion giant, Anthropologie, commissioned Signal to design and fabricate a small collection picnic bikes that were sold on their website.
In it’s seven year of operations, Signal continues to design custom bikes, one at a time. In addition to these custom projects, Signal also offers 3 small batch, production bikes. The Crusade cross racer, the Saltzman fendered road bike and the race specific Pulse road bike.

Signal Cycles
5344 N Montana Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217

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Preferred Products

Road Stem
$265.00 옵션 선택
Road Fork Rim Brake
$387.00~$427.00 옵션 선택
SES 4.5
매일 라이딩할 수 있는 최고의 탄소섬유 사이클링 휠셋이며 팀 MTN – 큐베카의 선택…
옵션 선택

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