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Custom Decals


Design. Click. Create. Custom ENVE decals shipped right to your door. Customizing decals for your ENVE wheels has always been the way to differentiate your ride and showcase your unique style. Our custom decal configurator lets you customize the color palette of pre-designed templates, upload any image or design, for fully personalized custom-wheel decals.


• 12 Wheel Decals + 4 Extra Wheel Decals (SES, M Series, G Series, CX) $80

• 8 Wheel Decals + 4 Extra Wheel Decals (Foundation) $40

• Rider Name Tag Decals (Shipping Address Name is Used)

• Extra ENVE Window Decals

• Alcohol Wipes, Placement Markers, and Decal Squeegee for Installation

WHAT to Expect

• Each decal created is sent to for printing and shipment.

• Orders take on average of 3 weeks to print and ship.

• Decals are processed separately from other items in your order and will not arrive with other ENVE product.


My order is showing as COMPLETE but I still haven’t received my decals, where are they?
Decals are processed separately from the rest of ENVE products ordered. They will not show up with other items and are not tracked through our website at this time. If you have questions please contact our Rider Experience Team so they can reach out to Stikrd for your order status and tracking info.

It’s been 3 weeks, where are my decals?
If it has been past 3 weeks since you placed your custom order please contact our Rider Experience Team so they can reach out to Stikrd for your order status and tracking info.

Want to stick with a stock ENVE decal color?
Look for the “stock” header in the builder and pick from ENVE’s classic Colors.

Want to match your decals to your frame or component?
Reach out to your frame or part manufacturer to obtain the Pantone code for that color, and then search for that code under the “color” header in the decal builder.

Need help matching colors or coming up with an additional graphic design?
Feel free to contact at for more design ideas.

Ordering Foundation, Legacy M Series, or CX Decals?
Due to the delicate structure of these decals, they are printed on a carbon-matched backing for ease of installation and longevity.

All sales on custom products are final.
If you have questions on creating your perfect decal or identifying your wheel model, please contact our Rider Experience Team.

**Desktop or Tablet Required for Optimum Experience. This is a US program.**