Full of capability and overflowing with versatility, the MOG delivers a world of possibilities ranging from adventure to race, and everything between. With abundant tire clearance, storage solutions, and performance geometry, the MOG has it all, and more. 

● Frame weight: 950 grams (56cm, painted, no hardware)

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A bike capable of igniting the kid in all of us. Feeling rowdy? Throw on 50mm tires, put the dropper down and let the bike do the work. Want to cruise champagne gravel? Enjoy the benefits of this bike’s geometry as it reacts as quickly as you can. Only issue is there’s never an excuse not to ride the ‘A’ line!

-Alexey Vermeulen



Cargo Bay

The MOG debuts ENVE’s Cargo Bay, an integrated downtube storage solution that makes efficient use of unused space for stashing your flat tire repair kit, windbreaker, or anything else you choose to carry. Under the Cargo Door, two Cargo Bags allow for 36 cubic inches/0.6 liters of storage. It’s a fast and simple storage solution that can be appreciated by racers and adventurers alike.

Performance Geometry

With six frame sizes and three unique fork rakes, the MOG has been designed to ensure optimal handling regardless of frame size. Through design solutions, such as a solid right chainstay at the bottom bracket to reduce width, the MOG achieves the geometry required for performance-minded cyclists without compromising what it can do off the race course.

IN-Route System

ENVE’s IN-Route System is designed to hide hoses and wires from the wind, improving the bike’s aero performance with a practical and user-friendly solution. This doesn’t come at the expense of limiting drivetrain options – the MOG is compatible with most drivetrain brands, models, and configurations on the market.

Race, Performance, or Adventure

The MOG is sold as a chassis-only, including the frame, fork, headset, stem, handlebar, and seatpost. To initiate your build, begin by selecting your frame size, stem length, handlebar width, handlebar model, and seatpost type depending on your riding style and preferences. With four handlebar options and a choice of dropper seatpost, you’re able to build the exact MOG you want based on the ride experience you’re seeking.

700c Maximalist

With clearance for up to 700c x 50 mm, the MOG eliminates the complexities of flip chips and extra wheelsets so there’s no need to think about 650b again. You don’t have to use all 50 mm of it, but we assure you, you’ll sleep easier knowing it’s there. With geometry optimized around a 42 mm tire, the MOG’s versatility allows an expansive range of tire sizes from 36 mm up to 50 mm.


The MOG checks all the boxes for what a modern gravel bike should be. Versatility through design with an abundance of tire clearance, fitting up to a 700c x 50 mm tire, in addition to in-frame storage with the Cargo Bay’s use of the downtube’s open space. Rack mounts on the fork provide additional options for the weekend bikepacking getaway while not hindering the MOG’s performance in any way.

Like the Melee road bike, the MOG is available as a “Chassis Only” which includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seatpost. Through an ENVE retailer, the bar, stem and seatpost are selected à la carte to ensure that you get the exact fit spec you need from the start.

The MOG can be built with four handlebar options that include the Gravel Bar, SES AR Bar, Compact Road Bar, and SES Aero Bar. Additionally, the choice of a dropper seatpost or fixed seatpost ensures you build the MOG best suited to your riding needs. Select your choice of ENVE wheels and drivetrain components for the complete build through your local ENVE Ride Center or retail partner.


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