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Women’s Stelvio T-Shirt

One of our favorite climbs, the Stelvio is immense and beautiful. Celebrate it with us on this ENVE T-Shirt.

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One of the most iconic climbs in all of Europe, the Stelvio features over 75 switchbacks, and has become a more regular challenge in the Giro d’Italia. Sitting between Italy and Switzerland, this famous Alp pass is a favorite amongst cyclists, and us at ENVE alike. This shirt inspires us to climb summits, and enjoy the descents that follow our efforts uphill.

Product SKU: XS 800-0000-376; S 800-0000-377; M 800-0000-378; L 800-0000-379; XL 800-0000-380; XXL 800-0000-381


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