The ENVE Grodeo & Builder Round-up

The one and only GRODEO is back

Experience the ultimate two-day celebration of bikes, people, and all the gravel you could ask for. All hosted at ENVE in Ogden, Utah.  

This year, the GRODEO will feature more bikes, more riding opportunities, and more fun – all with the same intimate atmosphere, right here at ENVE. Our showcase events will once again be the Builder Round-Up open house on Friday, June 24th, and the GRODEO gravel ride on Saturday the 25th.

Saturday’s GRODEO Gravel is limited to 200 participants. Friday’s Builder Round-Up open house is open to everyone at no cost. 


ENVE’s Builder Round-Up open house on Friday will once again feature some of the world’s most renowned custom builders with their latest works of art. More than two dozen bespoke road, gravel, and mountain bikes made of steel, titanium, and carbon, will be showcased. Few opportunities exist to meet the builders of such exquisite handcrafted bicycles, and we’re opening our doors so everyone can enjoy their artistry. We’ll be serving up a good time with music, food trucks, and the now famous Trackline Time Trial, which after just one year has turned into a must-do event. Add in some gravel ride options earlier in the day followed by ENVE factory tours and what you end up with is one unforgettable day. 


On Saturday, the GRODEO Gravel Ride will showcase our favorite roads and trails through the Northern Wasatch Mountains with picturesque views and challenges that will push you and your equipment to new levels. The Full Bull 92-mile route is not for the faint of heart, or those light on fitness – it’s guaranteed to be a riding experience that will test you in every way. Unlike nearly every other gravel event on the calendar, GRODEO is not a race and instead a ride that exemplifies the spirit of gravel. Outside of a few Strava-timed segments, it’s about enjoying the camaraderie of those around you, the scenery, and whatever hidden oasis activities we deem worthy for the day. 

TFriday,June 24thSaturday, June 25th
-Gravel Rides
-Factory Tours 
-Builder Round-Up & Open House 
-Trackline Time Trial
-GRODEO Gravel and post-ride celebrations


When we envisioned what the ultimate celebration of bicycles could look like, it included the custom works of art and the trendsetting artisans behind those builds, the riding that inspires us to go bigger and be bolder, and most importantly, the community of cyclists from every genre coming together all in one place. 


The intricate paint of the Festka, the inspired design of the Weis, and the sheer uniqueness of the Prova were just three of the 36 bikes on display from the custom builders that created a showroom of unrivaled artistry for the Builder Round-Up open house. In addition, the hundreds of attendees that joined us at ENVE headquarters had the opportunity to visit with the builders themselves while enjoying the live music from Mothers of Mayhem, the vintage-clad, four-woman rock band. 

The real action of the evening was happening right out back of ENVE with the Trackline Time Trial. What was expected to be the sideshow event for the evening, the time trial stole the spotlight as a few dozen riders tried their hand, and legs, on the .8th of a mile twisty singletrack. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and even a dirt jumper were ridden in pursuit of the fastest time, or just a faster time than your buddy.


Saturday was for gravel, and what a day it was during the GRODEO. Showcasing the Wasatch Mountains out our door, the route delivered everything the 200 riders had hoped for…and then some. The very testing grounds for our G Series line of gravel wheels and components, the dirt roads and singletrack sections challenged rider fitness, ability, and equipment alike. While the timed segments within the 97-mile route provided the springboard for a good old-fashioned throwdown, the well-placed stops for BBQ, axe throwing, and Otter Pops kept the groups coming back together, creating a riding experience different than just about any other event out there. 

While the route was a true challenge for most everyone, it was some of the final riders to finish that had the biggest smiles on their faces, having achieved something to be proud of. Next year, we’ll be doing it all over again. Be sure to be on the lookout for GRODEO ‘22 date announcements and registration information since the limited spots are sure to go quickly.


The GRODEO takes inspiration from some of our favorite gravel events out there, with some ENVE twists along the way. The Wasatch Mountains that cast their shadow on the town of Ogden are not for the faint of heart and are guaranteed to deliver a challenge unlike anything else out there. It’s a day to showcase the beauty and challenge of the terrain in our own backyard while paying tribute to the hard-won west. From the onetime stockyards where ENVE now sits, the GRODEO is a nod to Ogden’s rough and tumble history that helped shape the railroad and livestock industries. We’re taking the area’s grittiness and adding a dose of gravel – that’s the GRODEO. 

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Total Distance: 92 Miles

gravel & trails: 50 miles






Even though the GRODEO is not a race, we all like to use our friends and others around us as a measuring stick, which is why we have a few Strava-timed sectors. Our expectation for the ride is that aside from the timed sectors, no one treats it as a throw-down. Due to the course’s difficulty, there will be natural selections, but finding a group, meeting new people, and enjoying each other’s company will get you so much more than going after it alone. With that said, go all-in on the sectors and see what you can do, then re-group at the next feed zone where there’s guaranteed to be some fun worth stopping for. There will be prizes for the segment winners…and maybe even for those that go the slowest? Explore the sectors below.

Pushing Up Daisies

Coffee Boiler

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


The Builder Round-Up open house features more than two dozen bespoke road, gravel, and mountain bikes made of steel, titanium, and carbon, created by talented frame builders from around the world. Bringing our builder partners out to Ogden to ride, hear their feedback on current products and requests for future products, in addition to having them meet with potential customers during the open house has been a highlight every year since the first show in 2018. Many of the bikes are uniquely made to be showcased at the Builder Round-Up.



An XC MTB would be such a welcome choice on a number of course sections, but we believe a gravel bike still offers a greater advantage as a whole. Of course, if your gravel bike limits you to less than a 40c tire, then you might want to consider a flat bar alternative. 

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Wheels & Tires

ENVE’s G Series and AG line of wheels were developed on these very roads and trails, which is why pinch flat prevention and compliance features are paramount to their design. You won’t catch any of us running tires smaller than 40c, with most of us preferring 42-44c tires. The 650b option (G27 and AG28) is also a good way to increase tire volume – a 2.1” mountain bike tire will provide a greater level of confidence.


The steepest climb of the day doesn’t rear up until mile 73, which means your legs will have left you miles before. Regardless of what your easiest gear is, you’re assured to be in it for the 1.5-mile climb that averages 11%. Leave your road gears at home and come prepared with a pizza dish-sized cassette – trust us, no one will be finishing the day wishing they had harder gears.

Photographer: Mike Swim /