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AERO Handlebar

An aerodynamically optimized road drop handlebar that will help you go faster. Through careful handlebar shaping and reducing the rider’s frontal area, it is the ideal bar for road cyclists and short course triathletes looking for maximum aero benefits. The SES Aero Handlebar has been updated with the ENVE IN-Route design for compatibility with most of the internally routed front-ends on the market.

from the journal


Your body accounts for the majority of the aerodynamic drag while riding. In order to achieve the most gains in terms of aero efficiency, one must first look at their position. The SES Aero Road Bar is proven in the wind tunnel as not only a very fast bar in itself but also one that puts the rider into a more aerodynamic position. The SES Aero Road Bar also features a unique compact geometry, thoughtful ergonomics, and ENVE’s Integrated Bar End Plugs. Optimized for analog and electric drivetrain compatibility. Designed for compatibility with most of the internally routed designs on the market.



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