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Carbon Hub

An ENVE full-carbon road bike hub that improves drive response, saves weight, and increased build stiffness along with high engagement ratchets and premium stainless steel bearings

“these new hubs offer an exceptionally lightweight way to upgrade any rim depth you want to ride… it’s easy to recommend these.”

-Bike Rumor

from the journal


A full-carbon road hub that improves drive response, saves weight and increases wheel build stiffness via a refined hub flange geometry, and lacing pattern. The hub’s new geometry is paired with a new high engagement ratchet and premium stainless steel bearings, making this, the highest performance road hub available.
Available in our SES 2.2, SES 3.4, SES 4.5, SES 5.6, and SES 7.8.Hub Small Parts Compatibility Diagram

Simply put, we are never satisfied. The new ENVE Carbon Road Hub builds upon the first generation carbon road hub’s legacy by addressing the previous design’s shortcomings and improving upon it’s strengths. First, we scrapped the drive system of the previous design in order to create the opportunity to design a more efficient hub shell with optimal flange geometries, and engagement. After an extensive study of build geometry we settled on a hub shell geometry that delivers 16% more lateral stiffness when compared to the first generation carbon hub shell, and is on par with the leading hubs in the industry as related to lateral stiffness. Additionally, the flanges of the hub have been completely redesigned to prevent premature spoke fatigue and feature a new spoke hole pattern that increases drive stiffness and reduces weight. The new drive system features a 40t ratchet compared to the previous generations 18t. A ratchet style drive system was chosen over a pawl system for it’s increased drive response, lighter weight, and ease of serviceability. To keep the Carbon Road Hub rolling smooth and fast, we opted for high grade custom stainless steel bearings and races to prevent corrosion in any condition or environment. The outer bearings are fully sealed to eliminate debris from entering while the internal seals are non-contact to reduce rolling resistance. To reinforce the low maintenance objectives of these hubs, we developed what we call “Perfect Preload.” Perfect Preload™ means that you’ll never need to set or adjust the preload of your hubs, and bearing life is prolonged.


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