ENVE Tubes

Trustworthy ENVE branded butyl bike tubes with removable valve cores in a protective tube-sock.


While we firmly believe in tubeless technology, we also believe in being prepared. When all else has failed, this trustworthy tube will get you home. Butyl construction with a removable valve core, packaged nicely in our ENVE Tube-Sock.

The Tech:

  • Butyl Material
  • Removable Valve Core
  • Included ENVE Tube-Sock
  • Included Anti-Rattle Valve Sticker
Product SKU: 27.5x2.1-2.4" 800-0000-305; 29x2.1-2.4" 800-0000-306; 700x35-42mm 47mm valve 800-0000-307; 700x23-30mm 48mm valve 800-0000-308; 700x23-30mm 80mm valve


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