ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR Saddle

– 130mm: 130.5g
– 145mm: 134g
– 130mm: 161g
– 145mm: 166g


When it came to saddle collaboration, we decided to trust our experience, and the experience, tradition, and expertise of those who have been making them far longer than anyone else – Selle Italia. The SLR Boost is our saddle of choice due to its lightweight design and innovative use of materials. The Superflow relief cutout and proven SLR shape ensure comfort for a wide range of riders over long miles on the road. Custom perforations and subtle branding integrates Selle Italia tradition and ENVE design. Upper material is made of a special polyurethane cover called Soft-Tek. Available in carbon and titanium rail versions. Two width options: 130 mm and 145 mm.

Carbon Rail Spec: 

Weight: 130 mm, 130.5g; 145 mm, 134g

Rail: Carbon/Ceramic, 7×9 mm

Length: 248 mm

Product SKU: 130mm: 800-0000-401, 145mm: 800-0000-402

Ti Rail Spec: 

Weight: 130 mm, 161g; 145 mm, 166g

Rail: Titanium, 7mm

Length: 248 mm

Product SKU: 130mm: 800-0000-408, 145mm: 800-0000-409


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