The Melee is a modern road racer that delivers on ENVE’s Real-World Fast™ design philosophy. Built for agility and response, with 35 mm of tire clearance, the Melee is ready for criteriums and classics alike. 

● Real-World Fast™ aero optimization
● Tube shapes complement SES rim shapes
● Max Tire Clearance: 35 mm
● Frame Weight: 850 grams (56cm, Painted, No Hardware)
● Aegean Blue color is available in the US only

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As road racing has evolved there is constantly more and more asked of our bike frames. The Melee’s ability to run a wide range of tire widths to comfortably tackle whatever racing is on the calendar makes it the perfect road bike for how I ride.

-Alexey Vermeulen



Real-World Fast™ 

Developed in CFD and the wind tunnel, the Melee features refined tube shapes that have been tuned to complement ENVE’s SES™ rim shapes and deliver aerodynamic performance that is ready to battle with the fastest bikes on the road. Full front-end integration contributes to the Melee’s slippery design.

Real-World Fast™ Defined:

  • Balanced for aero efficiency and weight savings
  • Tube shapes complement SES rim shapes
  • Integrated Front-End hides wires and brake hoses 
  • Wind tunnel tested for performance at 32 kph/20 mph and 48 kph/30 mph

Integrated For Speed

The Integrated Front-End routes wires and hoses through the bar, stem, and headset where they’re secured using ENVE’s anti-rattle frame finishing kit. This allows internally routed hoses and wires to remain silent, out of sight, and out of the wind. Featuring the two-piece Integrated Aero Stem and SES AR Handlebar, the Melee capitalizes on the conveniences of a two-piece handlebar and stem while maximizing the aerodynamic benefits of the streamlined design.

Personalize Your Chassis

An ENVE Chassis is the canvas upon which you can build your dream bike. The Melee is sold as a chassis-only which includes the frame, fork, headset, stem, handlebar, and seatpost. To initiate your build, begin by selecting your frame size, stem length, handlebar width, and seatpost setback. If there are questions regarding your fit, work with your ENVE retailer and/or bike fitter, and employ the use of the ENVE Best-Fit Calculator to reach your ideal chassis configuration. From there, pair it with your drivetrain of choice and your favorite SES or Foundation wheelset.

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Integrated Aero Stem

ENVE’s new Integrated Aero Stem debuts with the Melee. This stem takes design cues from the Aero Road Stem but allows cables, wires, and brake hoses to pass from the handlebar into the head tube. The -7 degree stem is available in 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, and 130 mm lengths. Compatible with the ENVE x K-Edge Aero Stem accessory and computer mount. 

Aero Seatpost

The Melee features an all-new aero seatpost with a Kamm tail design and ENVE’s patented twin-bolt saddle rail clamp design. Available in straight or 20 mm setback and compatible with 7×7, 7×9, and 7×10 mm saddle rails.

Material Optimized Design (M.O.D.)

We are carbon experts, artisans of our craft, using the best material for the application and making the products that we want to ride. At ENVE, we design and build to the strengths of carbon fiber. This means running continuous fibers throughout the frame and fork, tapering the laminate, and removing excess material to save weight. Carbon fiber is layered and oriented to achieve zone-specific performance requirements like impact toughness, stiffness and compliance. M.O.D. is giving you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t to perform when the rubber hits the road.

35 mm of Freedom

Given the Melee’s race-bred pedigree, geometry and handling characteristics are tuned for tire sizes between 27 and 32 mm. However, the needs of the day may dictate that more tire volume will result in more speed. When the moment presents itself, a max tire clearance of 35 mm means that your Melee will be ready.

Drivetrain Compatibility

The Melee is compatible with most drivetrain brands, models, and configurations on the market. The Integrated Front-End provides internal brake hose, housing, and wire routing for 2x and 1x drivetrains alike.

  • Mechanical (Shimano Only*)
  • Electronic Wired
  • Electronic Wireless
  • 1x
  • 2x

*Melee mechanical routing requires continuous housing from shifter to derailleur. This prevents some brand’s front derailleurs from Melee compatibility.

Threaded T47 Inboard-Bearing Bottom Bracket

Featuring a threaded T47 inboard-bearing bottom bracket for smooth, silent, creak-free operation. Your bottom bracket is the last thing you should have to think about. 

Rider Specific Fit and Tune

At the foundation of performance is bike fit and geometry. If those two fundamentals are not established, all the engineering wizardry and space age materials in the world won’t save your ride. You need an optimized fit and tuned geometry to give you the confidence and comfort needed to reach your performance potential.

Offered in seven sizes with five fork rakes and giving you the opportunity to choose your bar model, bar width, stem length, stem rise, seatpost length and offset, the Melee has your ideal fit in mind.

While three fork rakes handily service the bulk of riders, we’ve added two extra fork rakes to specifically accommodate the smallest and largest riders in the ENVE family. This ensures that all Melees, regardless of size, will deliver the same level of responsive, confidence inspiring handling required from a race bike.


The Melee takes design cues from our own Custom Road, but where the Custom Road prioritizes customization, the Melee prioritizes efficiency and speed. With geometry and handling characteristics optimized for 27 to 32 mm tires, the Melee is a modern road race bike engineered to provide the performance competitive riders demand. The Melee performs in all the areas that count – efficient power transmission, weight, aerodynamics and versatility. To achieve the versatility today’s road racers require, the Melee provides riders with up to 35 mm of tire clearance.

Building on ENVE’s foundation of Real-World Fast™ aero technologies, the Melee has been designed to complement the SES™ wheel line and to deliver aero efficiency that places it amongst the fastest bikes on the road. Tailoring tube shapes to complement SES™ rim shapes allows the Melee to efficiently pair with any ENVE SES™ or Foundation wheelset. Features such as the Integrated Front-End ensures the Melee is aerodynamically optimized as the wires and hoses are routed internally to be out of sight and out of the wind. 

At ENVE, we believe that you are only as fast as your fit allows. Ensuring that the majority of riders out there achieve their ideal fit and the intended ride experience, the Melee is offered in seven frame sizes with five fork rakes. Additionally, handlebar width, stem length, and seatpost setback are chosen à la carte to ensure the correct fit from the start. These options make the Melee the most readily customizable fixed geometry race bike on the market.


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